Compare PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons|Best PXG Gen5 Review

The PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons are the latest forged irons from golf equipment manufacturer PXG . With their “Superream” construction and advanced technology these irons are sure to be a hit – especially with people who like to play a little differently than the traditional.

With the ever-growing popularity of golf and its superb performance on television, manufacturers have been eager to introduce their new flagship clubs. PXG Gen5 Irons are definitely one of the best clubs in this category, with attractive looks and incomparable performance.

What generation of PXG irons are best?

The PXG Gen5 irons are the best of all the generations. They have a high-performance cavity, a strong face and solid feel that is consistent across the set. The heads are more forgiving, while still being able to produce the same ball flight distance as the previous models.

The PXG Gen5 irons are the best of the bunch. They have a slightly smaller footprint than the previous generation, but you get more forgiveness and distance with every club. The Gen5 irons also feel great in your hand and have a very solid quality feel that is unmatched by other PGA tour players.

The Gen5 irons also have a larger head size than the previous generations. This is designed to keep your shots on target longer and with less effort. You can also adjust how much loft you want in each iron with microadjustments instead of having to remove the head for adjustment like other models do.

The PXG Gen5 irons are available in iron sets ranging from 5 through 9 iron and gap set models from 3 through 9 iron. PXG Gen5 iron sets are available in multiple colors and styles, so no matter what your preference is there will be a set that fits your needs perfectly.

Can high handicappers use PXG gen5 irons?

PXG Gen5 Irons are the latest innovation in golf club design. They have been specifically designed for high handicappers and recreational players. Despite their high price tag, PXG Gen5 Irons have a lot to offer golfers who are looking for an elite level of performance. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the key features of these irons and see if they can benefit high handicappers.

First of all, let’s talk about the construction of PXG Gen5 Irons. They are made from a special combination of metals and materials that give them unprecedented performance. Most golfers know that a good ironhead is essential for hitting good shots, but few know how important it is to have a well-constructed iron. PXG Gen5 Irons are built with this in mind. They are designed to resist damage and provide long-lasting performance.

Another key feature of PXG Gen5 Irons is their forgiveness. Unlike other irons on the market, which can be difficult to hit straight, PXG Gen5 Irons deliver consistent results regardless of how you hit the ball. This makes them ideal.

PXG Golf Gen5 irons have been designed with the high handicapper in mind. They are available in three different loft profiles (9, 10.What does this mean for you as a high handicapper? It means that you can use PXG gen5 irons if you have an accurate swing. If you are struggling to hit the ball straight, PXG gen5 irons can help you to improve your game.The other benefit of using PXG gen5 irons is that they are very forgiving. This means that even if you make a mistake, the iron will still go where you want it to go.

If you are looking for a golf club that will help you to improve your game, then PXG gen5 irons may be the right solution for you.

Are PXG gen5 irons forgiving?

PXG 0311X Gen5

PXG has become the brand of choice for many golfers, especially those who are looking for a set of iron clubs that will bring more distance, consistency and control. The PXG irons are incredibly forgiving, and that’s true across the board. They’re designed to give you an incredible amount of feel, and they can be adjusted slightly to make them even more forgiving.

The PXG iron is a very forgiving iron. It’s designed to be easy to hit and will reward players who are willing to work on their game. The gen5 iron is lighter than the previous gen4 iron, which makes it easier to swing and promotes a more consistent swing speed. It also has a thinner face and a bigger sweet spot, which means that players can hit the ball with more confidence.

The PXG gen5 iron is the ideal choice for beginners or anyone looking for an easy-to-hit iron. 

PXG’s gen5 irons are very forgiving. The company claims that the new iron set is about 20 percent more forgiving than the previous model, and this is reflected in the review scores that we’ve seen from both players and swing testers.

The gen5 irons have a good feel at impact, thanks to the larger diameter clubhead and increased weight of the clubhead. The clubs also have a more solid feel than those of previous generations, which made it easier to get a consistent strike on the ball.

Compare PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons: T vs P vs XP

There are three types of PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons – T, P, and XP. Each type has its own unique features that are worth noting. In this article, we will compare the three types of PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons and highlight their respective advantages and disadvantages.

T Model: The T model is designed for average to strong players. It has a stiffer shaft and a longer clubface than the P model. This makes it better suited for aggressive shots down the middle of the golf course. The T also has a higher loft than the P model, which makes it better for hitting long iron shots.

P Model: The P model is designed for weaker players. It has a softer shaft and a shorter clubface than the T model. This makes it better suited for finesse shots around the green. The P also has a lower loft than the T model, which makes it better for hitting short iron shots.

XP Model: The XP model is designed for extremely high-end players who demand the very best performance from their clubs. It has a stiffest shaft and shortest clubface of all three models. This makes it best suited for penetrating the ball deep into.

Looking for the best PXG iron? PXG has a range of 0311 Gen5 Irons that you can compare to see which is the right one for you.

The T model is designed for those who prefer a tighter trajectory, while the P model is for those who want a more forgiving iron. The XP model is for those who want the most forgiveness possible. Each of these models come with a variety of features, so you can decide which one is best for your game. If you are looking for an iron that will help you hit the ball further, the T model is for you.

If you are looking for an iron that will make your shots more accurate, the P model is ideal. And if you want an iron that will help you avoid bad shots, the XP model is perfect for you.Read our comprehensive reviews of each of these models to find the perfect one for your game.


PXG 0311XP Gen5

The PXG 0311 XP GEN5 irons are a great choice for those who like to make adjustments on the course. These irons have a Tour-Flex shaft, which makes it easier to adjust the length of your clubs. The Clubface Technology in this set of irons allows you to adjust the loft and face angle of your irons while they’re still in the box, so you can dial in what works best for you.


  • Tour-Flex Shaft – This shaft gives you flexibility in adjusting club length for optimal performance. You can change the size of your club by using the integrated weight stack, which also allows you to change swing weight quickly and easily.
  • Clubface Technology – Use this technology to adjust clubface angles easily and quickly when they’re still in their original packaging. You’ll be able to fine-tune your clubs before hitting them at the range!
  • Wedge Styletechnology – This technology allows for a more consistent ball flight when using wedge options, so you can expect higher scores from every shot that you take with these clubs



PXG 0311T Gen5

The PXG 0311 T GEN5 IRONS are the latest irons from PXG. It is an all-purpose club that will give you the distance, accuracy and forgiveness you need to hit long, accurate shots from the fairway to the green. This club features a high MOI (moment of inertia) and low swingweight that makes it easy to get a solid strike on each shot.

The PXG 0311T GEN5 IRONS have Fujikura Speeder V shafts which provide superior feel and control while keeping your shots accurate and stable. The clubhead on the 3-iron has been updated with a new shape that gives you less clubhead deflection on impact. The face is more consistent across the set, so you can expect consistent ball speeds with each iron. Lastly, the sole width has been reduced slightly from previous models to make it easier to get the ball airborne (and into the air).


  • They feature an updated head shape and a smaller sole, which makes them easier to ball-strike and launch.
  • They also feature forged heads and forged bodies, which are made from a stronger steel alloy than the metals used in most other irons.
  • The blade is also more stable and forgiving than previous models, making it easier to get the ball in the air.
  • The irons are available in a wide range of lofts, from 7 through 8.5 degrees, and come in chrome or carbon steel.
  • This club also includes an adjustable shaft, so you can get the feel you want without having to make any modifications.
  • It also comes with a grip that makes it easier to control your swing speed, which helps prevent injuries from occurring over time.



PXG 0311P Gen5

The PXG 0311 P GEN5 IRONS is the latest model from the PXG brand. It has a new irons head design, which is made of forged titanium. The clubhead is also made out of titanium. The 6-gram face weighting and the larger 460cc clubface add up to more distance potential for your shots.

The PXG 0311P GEN5 IRONS is a great iron for golfers who want to improve their game. It has a 460cc head which is ideal for long irons, and it also comes with a set of high-tech shafts that give you more control over your shots. The PXG 0311 P GEN5 IRONS is very popular among golfers because it can help you improve your play.

You can use this golf club to play any kind of course in the world, whether you’re playing in North America or Asia or Europe. You’ll be able to hit it farther than before thanks to its increased distance potential!


  • The club also comes with a high lofted cavity back design, which provides more forgiveness.
  • The 460cc head used in this iron is made of graphite and titanium, which means that it produces more vibration than standard irons.
  • The shafts used in this iron are made from carbon fiber, which gives them excellent durability and feel.
  • The weight of these shafts helps reduce your swing speed.
  • These shafts also increase spin on your shots.


Which is the best PXG Gen5 irons to buy?

The PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons are the ideal middle ground. The T is the best model to buy if you want a pure, solid feel in a Tour-caliber 3-iron, which is what you’ll need if you’re not hitting all that many greens. The P and XP have a little bit more forgiveness than the T, but they don’t have quite as much distance as the T, and their blends of steel weights are less consistent than those in other models.

The XP iron is a great option if you’re looking for a more forgiving face than the T or P models, but don’t want to sacrifice distance or accuracy.


PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons are the latest addition to the PXG line of irons and they boast some impressive specs. If you’re in the market for a new iron and don’t want to break the bank, these might be ideal for you. They have a number of features that set them apart from other irons on the market, including an innovative Speed Pocket design that maximizes ball speed and distance. In addition, they also have a highly responsive face that makes it easy to hit your shots consistently. So if you’re looking for an iron that will help you improve your game quickly and easily, take a look at PXG 0311 Gen5 Irons.