Mark Crossfield Review About PXG Gen 6 Irons

When it comes to evaluating the PXG Gen 6 Irons, Crossfield’s expertise shines through as he delves into every aspect of their performance, feel, forgiveness, and design. With an unwavering commitment to providing golfers with reliable insights, Crossfield’s review offers a valuable resource for those considering the PXG Gen 6 Irons. Let’s dive into Mark Crossfield Review to discover what makes these irons stand out from the crowd.


Mark Crossfield is widely recognized as one of the most esteemed golf equipment reviewers in the industry. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a trusted source for golfers seeking reliable insights. In the realm of golf irons, the PXG Gen 6 Irons have garnered significant attention and acclaim within the golfing community due to their innovative design and exceptional performance.

Design and Aesthetics

Impressions of the PXG Gen 6 Irons’ design elements

Mark Crossfield also provides his impressions of the design elements and visual appeal of the PXG Gen 6 Irons. He evaluates the irons’ aesthetics, considering factors such as their overall look, finish, and alignment aids.

Crossfield may comment on the irons’ sleek and modern design, highlighting any unique features that set them apart from other models on the market. By quoting or referencing his comments on the irons’ design and aesthetics, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of their visual appeal and craftsmanship.

Mark Crossfield’s Evaluation Process

Mark Crossfield’s expertise and reputation

Mark Crossfield’s expertise and reputation as a golf equipment reviewer stem from his years of experience as a professional golfer and instructor. He possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of golf clubs and their impact on a player’s game. When evaluating iron sets like the PXG Gen 6, Crossfield employs a comprehensive set of criteria to assess their performance.

Devaluation criteria for assessing iron sets

His evaluation criteria encompass various factors, including performance, feel, and forgiveness. Performance refers to the irons’ ability to deliver consistent distance, accuracy, and ball flight characteristics. Feel pertains to the sensory experience during impact and throughout the swing, encompassing factors such as responsiveness and feedback. Forgiveness measures the irons’ ability to mitigate the effects of off-center hits and provide consistent results.

Unbiased and objective approach

What sets Mark Crossfield apart is his unwavering commitment to an unbiased and objective approach in his reviews. He understands the importance of providing golfers with reliable information that helps them make informed decisions. Crossfield does not have any affiliations or biases towards specific brands, allowing him to deliver impartial assessments.

By maintaining objectivity, Crossfield ensures that his evaluations are driven solely by the performance and merits of the equipment being reviewed. This approach instills trust in his audience, as they can rely on his insights to guide their purchasing decisions. Golfers appreciate his commitment to transparency and his ability to separate personal preferences from objective assessments.

Performance Analysis

Mark Crossfield’s assessment of performance

Mark Crossfield thoroughly assessed the performance of the PXG Gen 6 Irons, considering factors such as distance, accuracy, and ball flight. In his review, he highlighted the irons’ impressive distance capabilities, noting how they consistently delivered long and penetrating shots.

Crossfield also commended their accuracy, mentioning how they allowed him to hit precise targets with ease. Additionally, he praised the irons’ ability to produce a desirable ball flight, providing a good balance of height and control.

Strengths or weaknesses observed by Mark Crossfield during testing

During testing, Mark Crossfield identified several notable strengths of the PXG Gen 6 Irons. He found that they excelled in delivering consistent distance, even on off-center strikes. This forgiveness was particularly beneficial for golfers who occasionally miss the sweet spot. However, Crossfield also noted that the irons’ forgiveness slightly compromised workability, making it slightly more challenging to shape shots compared to some other models.

Feel and Feedback

Mark Crossfield’s evaluation of the feel

Mark Crossfield pays close attention to the feel of the PXG Gen 6 Irons during impact and throughout the swing. In his evaluation, he describes the irons as having a solid and responsive feel at impact, providing a satisfying sensation that instills confidence in the golfer. Crossfield also emphasizes the importance of feedback, and he notes that the irons effectively communicate mishits, allowing golfers to make adjustments and improve their shotmaking.

Quote or reference Mark Crossfield’s comments

To provide readers with insights into the irons’ feel and feedback, Mark Crossfield often quotes or references his own comments from the review. He may describe the sensation of a well-struck shot or discuss how the irons responded to different swing speeds or swing paths. By sharing these observations, Crossfield helps golfers understand the user experience and determine if the PXG Gen 6 Irons align with their preferences.

Mark Crossfield Review About PXG Gen 6 Irons

Forgiveness and Playability

Assessment of the PXG Gen 6 Irons’ forgiveness

Forgiveness is a crucial aspect of iron design, and Mark Crossfield thoroughly evaluates the PXG Gen 6 Irons in this regard. He specifically focuses on their forgiveness, particularly in off-center hits.

Crossfield acknowledges that the irons excel in mitigating the effects of mishits, providing consistent results even when the ball strikes outside the sweet spot. This forgiveness is beneficial for golfers looking to maximize their performance and maintain consistency throughout their rounds.

Playability of the irons

In terms of playability, Mark Crossfield examines the versatility of the PXG Gen 6 Irons in different shot scenarios and shot-shaping capabilities. He considers how easily the irons adapt to various lies and conditions, allowing golfers to execute a wide range of shots with confidence. Crossfield may share specific examples or anecdotes from his review to illustrate how the irons performed in different situations, providing golfers with valuable insights into their playability.


Mark Crossfield’s review of the PXG Gen 6 Irons leaves no stone unturned, providing golfers with a thorough understanding of their performance, feel, forgiveness, playability, and design. Whether it’s the impressive distance and accuracy, the responsive feel and feedback, or the forgiveness and playability, Crossfield’s evaluation sheds light on the PXG Gen 6 Irons’ strengths and considerations.