PXG 0311 Gen 3 VS Gen 4 Irons: The Side By Side Comparison

If you’re looking for the best golf clubs for your game, then you need to check out the PXG 0311 Gen 3 VS Gen 4 irons. These clubs are designed to give you the best performance and allow you to improve your game quickly. With so many different options on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. In this article, we will compare the two types of irons and give you a better understanding of what they offer.

PXG GEN 3 Irons vs GEN 4 Irons: Which Is Better?

Are you considering purchasing a new golf club? If so, you may be wondering which PXG GEN 3 irons are better for you.PXG GEN 3 irons were designed with the modern golfer in mind. They offer a lightweight design that makes them easy to control and deliver plenty of power. This allows you to tee off with more accuracy and power than ever before.

On the other hand, GEN 4 irons are specifically tailored for golfers who want the most powerful hitting experience possible. Their heavy forged headstock and alloy shaft allow them to provide all the forgiveness and distance they need without sacrificing performance. 

PXG Generation 3 and Generation 4 irons are superb, to begin with. Though a debate between them stands, they still believe these irons are of great quality. That does not mean PXG Generation 4 irons are bad. PXG Generation 4 irons are integrated with a newer technology called “XCOR Technology.

PXG 0311 Gen 3 VS Gen 4 Irons

PXG GEN 3 Irons vs GEN 4 Irons : Overview

The PXG 0311 Gen 3 irons are the latest incarnation of the PXG irons. They were first released in late 2017 and are still in development. This article is about the comparison of these two irons, taking into account key features and performance.

PXG Generation 4 has produced much better results than Generation 3’s. During their test outs, they have seen an increase in speed of around 2mph while using the PXG Generation 4. Therefore, they can conclude that PXG Generation 4 is much faster. On the other hand, all the 3 irons of PXG Generation 3 could achieve incredible speeds, an average of 110 mph.

PXG GEN 3 Irons vs GEN 4 Irons : Similarities

Since their inception in 2003, the PXG 0311 iron design has been a mainstay in golf irons. However, with GEN 3 models now available, there are some key differences between these two groups. PXG clubs are customized and built to spec to maximize performance on the course and increase your enjoyment of the game. Let a PXG Fitting Specialist “dial in” your PXG GEN3 Irons at a course near you.

With three club head models – Tour, Players, and Xtreme Performance – PXG 0311 GEN3 Irons are designed to meet the needs of golfers at every level of the game. Custom built to individual specifications; each club is dialed-in to deliver maximum performance on the golf course. As with other PXG irons, the 0311T is very expensive. It’ll cost you a few thousand bucks, compared to the much cheaper AP2.

PXG GEN 3 Irons vs GEN 4Irons : Differences

The PXG 0311 Gen 3 irons are the newest evolution of the PXG line of golf clubs. They offer a more forgiving club while also providing a more powerful swing. The GEN 3 irons come in two different models, the PXG 0311 Elite and the PXG 0311 Pro.

The Elite is designed for players who want an even more forgiving club while still providing a powerful swing. It features a soft-grip grip, which makes it easier for players to control their Shots. The Pro is designed for players who want a more powerful swing but still want a forgiving club.

It features tougher plastic with textured edges that provide better grip and feel on the ball.Which model is right for you? It depends on your golfer’s strengths and weaknesses.

Materials and Constructions

PXG 0311 iron is a new generation of irons that was released in 2003. It has replaced the Gen 2 irons in the marketplace. PXG 0311 iron is more expensive than the Gen 2 irons but it offers a betterbang for your buck. The main reason why PXG 0311 iron is more expensive is because it uses a different forged steel construction which offers increased strength and durability.

PXG 0311 Gen 3 VS Gen 4 Irons


Lofts PXG 0311 Gen 3 irons are the latest in this popular series and offer an improved design with a new angle of fire. They offer increased accuracy and can handle heavier loads better than their predecessors. However, gen 4 irons still offer some advantages that may be worth considering if you’re looking for a more powerful iron. For example, they have a wider variety of warranties, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible product.

According to PXG, compared to the 0311 P GEN4, the new irons are 1.4 mph faster. They launch half a degree lower with about 375 rpm less spin. That nets out to just a bit less than 4.5 yards of increased distance over GEN4. While the added distance may or may not be important to you, it’s worth mentioning that length and loft specifications haven’t changed from GEN4 to GEN5.


PXG 0311Gen 3 irons are better for the golfer than the Gen 4 irons. The Speed PXG 0311Gen 3 irons are faster and have a more consistent distance. They also have a more forgiving design, meaning they will not hurt your hands as much as the Gen 4 irons. The PXG 0311 T GEN4 irons are the slim, blade-like model in the PXG gen4 line.  Packed with new tech, the iron looks and feels as good as it performs.


The three-year-old PXG 0311 iron has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years, thanks to its low weight and excellent performance. However, which version of the 3-year-old PXG 0311 irons is best for you?

Based on our tests, we found that the new gen 4 irons offer better performance and are lighter overall, so they’re a good choice for those looking for a more efficient golf club. If you’re a beginner or have arthritis, however, we recommend choosing the older 3-year-old PXG 0311 irons.

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Prices PXG 0311 Gen 3 Irons VS Gen 4 Irons

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With three models to suit every swing and game-changing XCOR Technology, PXG 0311 GEN4 Irons are dialed-in to level-up your performance and shave strokes off your game. When you think PXG, think the Science of Sexy. their formula includes crazy distance, unbelievable forgiveness, extremely soft feel, and smoking-hot looks.

PXG GEN 3 Irons vs GEN 4 Irons: Which is Better?

Are you looking for the perfect golf iron for your game? If so, then you need to consider the PXG 0311 Gen 3 irons. These irons are designed specifically for players of the modern golfing era. Compared to other Gen 3 irons on the market, the PXG 0311 is a much more advanced product.

It features a new forged crankface that offers greater strength and stability. Additionally, it is also precision-machined with a honeycomb pattern for superior sound and feel. if you’re looking for an amazing value, then you need to check out the PXG GEN 3 irons.

PXG 0311 Gen 3 VS Gen 4 Irons


The PXG 0311 Gen 3 and 0311 Gen 4 irons offer different capabilities and should be used in conjunction with a golf club or other tool to determine if the iron is right for you. Choose the iron that best suits your play style and needs.