PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 4 : Which One To Choose?

PXG, one of the world’s leading golf club manufacturers, has just released its latest additions to the lineup: the Gen 6 and Gen 4 golf clubs. But with both generations offering their own unique features and benefits, it can be hard to know which one to choose. In this article, we’ll break down the differences PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 4 golf clubs to help you make an informed decision.


PXG Gen 6 Golf Club

The PXG Gen 6 Golf Club is the latest addition to the premium golf club manufacturers’ line-up, and it features impressive design innovations and performance advancements. Designed for optimum distance and accuracy, the Gen 6 Golf Club boasts a variety of new and improved clubhead technologies, including CNC milling, high-speed titanium faces, and advanced aerodynamics.

PXG Gen 4 Golf Club

The PXG Gen 4 Golf Club is a previous model that is still widely popular among golf players. It is an ultra-premium, high-performance golf club designed to give players distance and precision on the greens. It features a hybrid construction that combines the benefits of both titanium and carbon fiber to deliver optimal performance.

Why compare PXG Gen 6 & Gen 4 Golf Clubs?

It is important to compare the PXG Gen 6 & Gen 4 Golf Clubs to help you determine which club is right for your needs. Although both clubs of the same premium quality, the newer Gen 6 model incorporates the latest design elements and technology, leading to even better performance. However, the Gen 4 model has proven to be exceptionally well-performing itself and comes at a lower cost.

Therefore, a comparison of these two models could result in a more informed decision as to where to place your valuable investment. Ultimately, the selection depends on an individual’s preference and willingness to pay the difference for the newer technologies.

Design & Technology

PXG Gen 6 Golf Clubs

The design of PXG Gen 6 Golf Clubs takes into account all aspects of the game, including swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and distance. It features a more aerodynamic head shape with a thinner top-line for improved clubhead speed and ball flight.

Additionally, its forged face construction delivers increased ball speeds across a larger area of the face. PXG Gen 6 Golf Clubs also boast advanced technology that allows golfers to customize their club settings based on their individual playing styles.

PXG Gen 4 Golf Clubs

The design of the PXG Gen 4 Golf Clubs is sleek and stylish, sure to impress even the most discerning golf snobs. The club heads are forged from high-quality metals and come in a variety of finishes, including chrome, black. The Precision Weighting System ensures optimal weight distribution for maximum power on each swing. And don’t even get us started on the Thermoplastic Elastomer inserts that provide unmatched feel and feedback.

PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 4: Design and technology

In terms of design, PXG Gen 6 sticks to the sleek, minimalist look that the brand is known for. The clubheads are slightly smaller and more traditional-looking than Gen 4, which may appeal to golfers who prefer a more classic look. Gen 6 also features a new weighting system that allows for greater customization of the club’s center of gravity, resulting in more consistent ball flight.

On the other hand, PXG Gen 4 has a more futuristic look, with colorful accents and a unique visual design. The clubheads are larger and more offset than Gen 6, which may provide greater forgiveness for higher handicap golfers. Gen 4 also features proprietary technology like the Impact Reactor face, which is designed to increase ball speed across the face of the club.

Performance & Playability

PXG Gen 6 Golf Clubs

The PXG Gen 6 golf clubs are known for their exceptional performance on the golf course. The clubs are said to offer exceptional accuracy, distance, and control, which can greatly help improve player performance. The clubs are designed with a focus on precision, and as a result, they are highly sought after by golfers of all skill levels.

The Gen 6 irons, in particular, are known for their high launch, long carry, and improved turf interaction, making them great for both mid and low handicapped golfers. The new TPE core technology used in the clubs reduces vibrations and improves the feel of the clubs, giving golfers more confidence and control when striking the ball.

PXG Gen 4 Golf Clubs

PXG Gen 4 golf clubs pack a serious punch when it comes to distance and accuracy. The hollow body construction allows for a larger sweet spot, meaning you’ll hit more consistent shots even when you don’t quite catch it flush. Plus, the tungsten weighting in the sole of each club ensures optimal ball flight and spin rates – so your balls will fly higher and land softer on those tricky greens.

Performance & Playability

The PXG Gen 6 boasts of improved performance and playability over its predecessor, the Gen 4. Its advanced technology enables players to hit longer distances with more accuracy, which translates into better scores on the green. The club’s design features a perimeter weighting system and an adjustable hosel that allows customization according to individual playing styles. On the other hand, the PXG Gen 4 is still a top-performing club despite being an older model than its successor.

Pxg Gen 6 Vs Gen 4

Cost & Value


To help make an informed decision, it’s crucial to understand the cost differences between the two generations. The PXG Gen 6 set is newer and boasts more advanced technology, making it pricier than its predecessor, the Gen 4. However, this doesn’t mean that the latter isn’t worth your money; it’s still an excellent set of clubs with features that many golfers love.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re looking for in a set of golf clubs. If you prioritize cutting-edge technology and don’t mind paying a higher price tag for it, then go for the Gen 6.

Value of PXG Gen 6

If you’re looking for high-quality golf clubs that offer excellent performance and value for money, PXG Gen 6 is an ideal choice. This latest addition to the PXG family boasts several new technologies that enhance its playability on the course. For instance, they have incorporated new materials like titanium into their clubheads to create more distance off of each shot without sacrificing accuracy or feel.

Value of PXG Gen 4 Golf Clubs

The PXG Gen 4 golf clubs were the previous models launched before the Gen 6. These clubs are still highly regarded by golfers for their exceptional performance, but they are generally cheaper than the newer Gen 6 models.

So, if you’re looking for significant savings, choosing the Gen 4 clubs may be a great option, as they are still high-quality clubs that can help you improve your game. The clubs feature the patented PXG technology, and they are built with high-quality materials that provide great value for their price.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

PXG Gen 6 Golf Clubs

Firstly, customers have praised the new design of the PXG Gen 6 Golf Club. They appreciate its sleek and modern look, which adds a touch of elegance to their game. Additionally, they praise its overall performance on the course, as it provides excellent distance and accuracy with every swing.

PXG Gen 4 Golf Clubs

The first thing that stands out in customer feedback is the exceptional ball speed and distance achieved with PXG Gen 4 clubs. Customers rave about how easy it is to achieve long drives while maintaining accuracy and control over shots. The clubs also provide great consistency across different swing speeds, making them suitable for players of varying skill levels.

PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 4

Customer reviews suggest that the PXG Gen 6 golf clubs are an improvement over the Gen 4 clubs in terms of performance, feel and design. The Gen 6 clubs are said to offer exceptional distance and accuracy, with better turf interaction and improved feel. Several customers have complimented the clubs for their high-quality build, aesthetics and cutting edge technology.

The Gen 4 clubs are still rated highly by customers, and many believe that they offer excellent value for money, especially for those on a budget. Overall, customers seem to favor the newer Gen 6 clubs over the Gen 4 models, but both collections still have a strong following among golfers who appreciate PXG’s innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

PXG Gen 6 VS Gen 4 Golf Club: Which Golf Club Generation Should You Buy?

When it comes to PXG Gen 6 and Gen 4 golf clubs, both generations offer exceptional quality and performance. The primary difference between the two is their design and technology.

PXG Gen 6 golf clubs feature a new face technology that provides increased ball speed and distance. They also feature a new hollow body design that allows for greater forgiveness and a higher launch angle. The PXG Gen 4 golf clubs, on the other hand, feature a unique weighting system that provides more control and stability. They also have a forged construction that delivers a softer feel and better feedback.

Ultimately, the choice between PXG Gen 6 and Gen 4 golf clubs will depend on your playing style and personal preferences. If you prioritize distance and forgiveness, you may prefer the PXG Gen 6 clubs, while those who prioritize control and feel may prefer the PXG Gen 4 clubs.

Pxg Gen 6 Vs Gen 4

The End

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting to hit the greens, choosing the right golf club can make all the difference in your game. PXG’s Gen 6 and Gen 4 golf club generations offer advanced technology and superior performance, each with its own unique strengths. Ultimately, the decision of which one to choose will come down to your individual needs and preferences.