PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 5: A Comprehensive Comparison

The latest addition to their line-up is the Gen 6 golf clubs that promise to take the game to the next level. But how do they fare against their predecessor, the Gen 5? In this comprehensive comparison, we examine the differences between the two golf clubs, their features, benefits, and drawbacks. PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 5, which to choose? This article will help you make an informed decision.


PXG Gen 6 

PXG Gen 6 is the latest release by Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG). They offer advanced technology for increased forgiveness, speed, and distance. The clubs feature new material and construction technologies, as well as enhanced weighting for better launch and control. The Gen 6 includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges.

PXG Gen 5

PXG Gen 5 Golf Clubs were released in 2020 and are renowned for their performance and precision. They feature innovations such as Precision Weighting Technology, which strategically places weight to improve ball flight, and Xtreme Forgiveness Technology which promotes straighter shots on off-center strikes. The Gen 5 line includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, and wedges.

Design and Materials

The Design Differences

The design differences between Gen 6 and Gen 5 golf club are mainly focused on improving the club’s performance, launch angle, and spin rate. Gen 6 clubs are designed with a lower center of gravity (CG) and a higher moment of inertia (MOI), which means they are more forgiving and stable on off-center hits. The clubhead is also more compact, and the face is thinner, which increases ball speed and distance.

On the other hand, Gen 5 clubs have a higher CG and a lower MOI, making them less forgiving and suitable for more experienced golfers. The clubhead is larger, and the face is thicker, which provides more control over the ball’s flight path and spin.

Materials Used 

In terms of materials, there is no significant difference between Gen 6 and Gen 5 clubs. Both generations use high-quality materials such as titanium, steel, and graphite for the clubhead and shaft. However, some manufacturers might use newer materials in Gen 6 clubs, such as carbon fiber, to reduce weight and increase stiffness.


Improvements in Distance and Accuracy 

The Gen 6 boasts an impressive increase in yardage thanks to its new technology and design. The clubface has been optimized for maximum ball speed, allowing for longer drives off the tee. Additionally, the weighting system has been reconfigured for higher launch angles and less spin on shots, resulting in increased carry distance as well.

Spin Rates

Gen 6 golf clubs are designed to provide lower spin rates compared to Gen 5 clubs. The lower spin rates are achieved through the use of advanced technology such as improved aerodynamics and weight distribution. The result is longer and straighter shots which are more forgiving on off-center hits.

PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 5

Clubhead Shape and Look

Clubhead Shape

The comparison focuses on the shape of the clubhead in each generation, with experts weighing in on which one provides better results. The PXG Gen 6 features a more compact and streamlined design than its predecessor, making it easier to swing through rough terrain or tight spots. Additionally, its clubface has been engineered to deliver maximum ball speed and spin control.

Meanwhile, the Gen 5’s clubhead is slightly larger with a wider face area, providing a more forgiving sweet spot for beginners or players who tend to mishit their shots. Both generations have their own unique strengths and limitations when it comes to clubhead shape.


Gen 6 golf club models typically have a more modern and streamlined look compared to Gen 5 models. They often have a thinner topline and smaller overall clubhead size to promote a more compact and sleek appearance. Additionally, Gen 6 golf clubs often incorporate more advanced technologies and materials, including carbon fiber and tungsten, to create a club that is both visually appealing and performance-enhancing.

In contrast, Gen 5 models typically have a more traditional shape and size, with a thicker topline and larger clubhead. These designs often appeal to golfers who prefer a more classic look and feel in their clubs.

Clubhead Speed and Forgiveness

Clubhead Speed 

The general consensus among experts is that Gen 6 clubs offer faster clubhead speeds than their predecessors. This improvement can be attributed to the use of advanced materials such as titanium and carbon fiber in the construction of these clubs. Additionally, manufacturers have optimized the weight distribution and aerodynamics of Gen 6 clubs to allow for faster swings with less effort.

However, it’s worth noting that not all players will experience a significant increase in clubhead speed when switching from Gen 5 to Gen 6 clubs. Factors such as swing style and physical ability also play a crucial role in determining how much improvement one can expect.


The PXG Gen 5 is widely regarded as one of the most forgiving clubs on the market, thanks to its perimeter weighting and tungsten weights that optimize launch conditions and enhance shot stability. However, with every new generation comes improvements, and this is certainly true for the Gen 6. By incorporating an updated version of their signature Impact Reactor Technology into their design, PXG has managed to further enhance forgiveness levels on their latest model.

Pricing and Value


One of the most significant differences between these two generations is pricing. While both models boast high-quality materials and advanced technology, there are some key variations in cost.

For starters, it’s worth noting that prices for both Gen 5 and Gen 6 clubs vary depending on the specific set and customization options chosen. However, in general, you can expect to pay more for a set of Gen 6 clubs than you would for their previous generation counterparts. This is due in part to the addition of new features like adjustable weighting and improved face technology. That being said, there are still affordable options available within both generations.


In general, the Gen 6 golf clubs are considered to be superior performers compared to the Gen 5, due to the incorporation of the latest technology. However, this advanced technology comes at a premium, with the Gen 6 golf sets costing significantly more than the Gen 5 sets.

If budget is a concern, the Gen 5 clubs are still a great value, offering excellent performance without breaking the bank. Ultimately, the choice depends on the individual golfer’s needs and preferences, as well as their budget.

Target customer

Who are the PXG Gen 6 golf clubs best for?

PXG Gen 6 golf clubs are marketed towards experienced golfers who prioritize forgiveness, accuracy, and distance. These clubs are also suitable for players who are willing to invest in high-end golf equipment to improve their game. Ultimately, the best fit for PXG Gen 6 clubs will depend on the individual golfer’s skill level, swing speed, and playing style.

Who are the PXG Gen 5 golf clubs best for?

PXG Gen 5 golf clubs are generally best suited for high handicap golfers who need the extra help with forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. They also are an excellent choice for players who want to experience a premium, high-performance golf club with advanced technological features. However, they come with a premium price tag, making them less accessible to budget-conscious golfers.

PXG Gen 6 vs Gen 5: Which you should to choose?

The choice of Gen 6 vs Gen 5 golf clubs depends on the player’s individual needs and preferences. Gen 6 clubs generally offer increased forgiveness, more distance, and greater accuracy. Gen 5 clubs, on the other hand, offer a more traditional feel and typically provide more control. Ultimately, the best choice for any player will depend on the golfer’s individual skills and preferences.

PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 5

The End

In conclusion, choosing between PXG Gen 6 and Gen 5 golf clubs largely depends on your personal preferences and playing style. Both clubs are a testament to PXG’s commitment to innovation and excellence in design, materials, and performance. Regardless of which club you choose, PXG is a reliable brand that will help you reach your full potential on the course.