PXG Gen5 vs Gen4 golf clubs: What are their differences and Which is the best?

On this article we will compare PXG Gen5 vs Gen4 golf clubs. PXG is one of the most popular and most trusted brands in golf. Targeting the professional golfer, PXG has released many innovative products including golf clubs, balls and other accessories. The PXG Gen4 and the PXG Gen5 golf clubs are of similar design, shape, weight and most notably, performance.

The main differences between PXG GEN5 and PXG Gen4 golf clubs

PXG GEN5 and PXG Gen4 golf clubs are similar at the first glance. Both models have driver heads and shafts made of premium materials, similar set of irons and hybrids, etc. However, there are some noticeable differences between PXG GEN5 and PXG Gen4 golf clubs.

  1. The shafts on the PXG GEN5 golf clubs are made of a new material called T-force carbon. This material provides increased forgiveness and better distance control.
  2. The heads on the PXG GEN5 golf clubs are also made of T-force carbon. This makes them more durable and easier to hit consistent shots.
  3. The grips on the PXG GEN5 golf clubs are also made of T-force carbon. This makes them more comfortable to hold and reduces hand fatigue during long rounds of play.
  4. The shafts, heads, and grips on the PXG GEN5 golf clubs are all interchangeable, so you can customize your club to fit your individual swing style.

The main differences between PXG GEN5 and PXG Gen4 drivers

PXG Gen 5

There are a few key differences between the PXG GEN5 and PXG GEN4 drivers.

  • The first and most obvious difference is the shape of the drivers. The PXG GEN5 drivers are circular while the PXG Gen4 drivers are hexagonal.
  • The second difference is the cover material. The PXG GEN5 covers are made from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), while the PXG Gen4 covers are made from carbon fiber.
  • The third difference is the weight distribution. The PXG GEN5 drivers have more weight in the center of the clubface, while the PXG Gen4 drivers have more weight on both sides of the clubface.
  • The fourth and final difference is how they are manufactured. The PXG GEN5 drivers are produced using a new manufacturing process called In-House Molding, while the PXG Gen4 drivers are still produced using injection molding.

And here are the key points:

  1. Maximum power – The PXG GEN5 driver has a higher maximum power than the PXG GEN4 driver. This means that it can generate more power on the golf course.
  2. Ball speed – The ball speed is also higher with the PXG GEN5 driver. This means that it will be easier to hit high-powered shots with this driver.
  3. Sound and feel – The sound and feel of the clubface is also different with the PXG GEN5 driver. It has a softer touch that makes it easier to hit good shots.

The main differences between PXG GEN5 and PXG Gen4 irons

PXG Gen4

PXG GEN5 irons are the latest in golf club technology and they offer a number of benefits that may appeal to some golfers. Here are some of the key differences between PXG GEN5 irons and PXG Gen4 irons.

  • TX Speed: The TX Speed on PXG GEN5 irons is improved compared to PXG Gen4 irons. This increased speed allows for greater distance and accuracy off the tee, as well as improved control on shots from the fairway.
  • Forgiveness: PXG GEN5 iron heads are created with a higher degree of forgiveness, which can make them more forgiving when making shots from poor lie locations. Additionally, they provide more feedback when striking the ball, so you can adapt your swing accordingly.
  • Steel Material: The steel used in PXG GEN5 irons is 20% harder than that used in PXG Gen4 irons. This increase in hardness results in longer lasting clubs that can handle more abuse.
  • Weight: PXG GEN5 irons are significantly lighter than PXG GEN4 irons. This makes them easier to swing and more comfortable to use for long periods of time.
  • Construction: The heads on PXG GEN5 irons are made from a new type of metal that is more durable than previous types of metals. This means that they will last longer and be less likely to break in half when hit with a powerful shot.
  • Feel: In addition to being lighter, PXG GEN5 irons also have a softer feel than PXG GEN4 irons. This makes them more forgiving when playing difficult shots, and it also allows you to play for longer periods of time without feeling fatigue or pain in your hands.

PXG Gen5 and Gen4: What are their similarities?

PXG Golf balls are designed to maximize distance, accuracy, and feel. Both models have the same core with a different cover layer. The difference between the two is in their design and performance.

The PXG Gen5 and Gen4 have similar cores that are made of a polymer material. The polymer core has been developed over many years of research and testing to ensure that it provides maximum performance for golfers of all abilities.

Both models use a new combination of materials for the cover layer, which gives them a softer feel than other leading brands. This cover layer combination also makes them more durable than other leading brands.

PXG Gen5 vs Gen4: which should we we buy?

PXG Gen5

There are many factors to consider before choosing a golf club. For example, the type of golf course or the distance you play. But if you’re looking at a new set of irons, then there are some other factors you should consider as well. These include the shaft material, weight and balance.

The PXG Gen5 and PXG Gen4 are both great players. Both have a lot in common, but there are some differences that can be important to you.

The biggest difference is the touch technology on the face. The Gen5 has a “soft touch” face that feels more like a natural feel. It is harder to control at first, but after using it for a while you will find yourself really liking it.

The PXG Gen4 has an “acoustic” face that feels more like wood as opposed to rubber on the Gen5. The acoustic feel helps keep the ball in your hand longer when you hit it hard with spin – which is good for match play.

Another difference is weight distribution. The PXG Gen5 has a wider head than the Gen4 which makes it easier to put pressure on your opponent without having them get out of control or get stuck behind your body weight (which can happen with some other drivers).


When it comes to golf clubs, there are always new models being released that aim to improve on what came before them. One such model is the PXG Gen5 golf club. The Gen5 model is a major departure from the previous generation, featuring several significant changes that should make it a much more user-friendly option.

In this article, we will be comparing the PXG Gen4 and Gen5 golf clubs head-to-head to see which one is better for you.