What Are The Main Differences Between The PXG And P790 Irons?

The PXG and P790 Irons are two of the most popular irons on the market. They both have their own unique features that set them apart from the competition. And in this article will discuss the main differences between these two irons to help you to choose the better one for you.

What are PXG irons?

PXG irons are a new type of club that have been gaining a lot of popularity in the golf world in recent years. They are similar to traditional iron clubs, but they have a different design and feature some unique features that make them stand out from the rest.

One of the most notable features of PXG irons is their size. Another feature that sets PXG irons apart is their construction. Compared to other types of clubs, PXG irons are much smaller and more manageable, which makes them easier to control and hit Shots with precision. This is an especially beneficial feature for those who struggle with accuracy when hitting Shots from far away. 

PXG Vs P790 Irons

The Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  1. Great vibration dampening
  2. Altered muscle back design
  3. Very large sweet spot
  4. Produces great ball speed
  5. Pronounced offset
  6. Excellent feel from the maraging steel

The Cons:

  1. Less consistent
  2. Played shorter than the Taylormade P790’s
  3. Poorer shot dispersion
  4. Not very workable

What are Taylormade P790 irons?

TaylorMade is one of the most recognized brands worldwide and has been developing world-class golf clubs for decades. The p790 iron is one of them. It has a forged hollow-body construction that makes the head sleeker and slimmer. This literally improves the playability. The key technology it uses is SpeedFoam Technology. Ultra-light urethane foam is injected inside the club head to improve the overall feel, sound, and ball speed.

It also has a low-profile tungsten weight injected into the lower part of the head. It allows for a lower center of gravity (CG), which delivers a higher launch. Besides, this p790 iron comes with a classic design along with modern technology. Overall, it is a high-performing golf club with explosive forgiveness, distance, and control as well.

The Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  1. Muscle back design
  2. Tungsten weights
  3. Speed pocket
  4. Better distance
  5. Better feel
  6. Great consistency

The Cons:

  1. More expensive
  2. Long blades
  3. Limited short-game spin
  4. Sort of awkward leading edge

PXG Vs P790 Irons: What are the common similarity?

PXG Vs P790 Irons: What are the common similarity? There are a lot of different irons on the market, but when it comes to popularity and reviews, some of the most commonly cited similarities between them all seem to be the use of RGB lighting and 18-inch displays. Other similar features that have been mentioned include a few Prestige buttons and an adjustable weight system.

PXG Vs P790 Irons: What are the key differences?

The Design

If you’re a golfer who’s looking to buy an iron for your next round of golf, it’s important to understand the different design differences between the PXG and P790 irons. Here are some key differences:

  • PXG irons: The PXG irons are designed with a greater forgiveness than their predecessor, the P790. This allows them to be more forgiving on shots that go off-center or within certain range. They also come with a new Pro V1 Technology that helps reduce noise and vibration, making them ideal for professional use.
  • Taylormade P790 Irons: The Taylormade P790 irons are designed with an all metal construction in mind.

The Sound

There are several main differences between the PXG and P790 irons. The first is that the PXG irons produce a more ringing sound, while the Taylormade P790 irons produce a more even sound. Additionally, the PXG irons are typically louder, while the Taylormade P790 is usually smaller. Finally, both irons have different heads that produce different amounts of forgiveness.

The Feel

The main differences between the PXG and P790 irons are the feel. The PXG irons have a more solid feel, while the Taylormade P790 irons have a more lifelike feel. This makes them ideal for golfers who want to improve their swing.

PXG Vs P790 Irons

The Technology

The main technology difference between the PXG irons and Taylormade P790 irons is that the PXG irons use more advanced 3D printing technology which allows for a more intricate design. Additionally, Taylormade has also invested in a wider range of shaping technologies which gives their irons a more definitive shape.

The Performance

There are a few main differences between the PXG and P790 irons that could affect how they perform. The most important difference is the weight. The PXG irons are much heavier than the P790 irons, which can result in a larger club head and increased launch power.

Additionally, the PXG irons have a hexagon-shaped face that helps to produce more forgiveness on shots while the P790 has a round face that produces more power and spin. Finally, both irons come with different types of warranty protection.

The Price

There is a significant price difference between Taylormade P790 golf irons and PXG golf irons. Taylormade P790 golf irons are more expensive than PXG irons. Taylormade P790 golf irons start at $1000, while PXG golf irons are pricing around $200.

PXG Vs P790 Irons: Which are the better choices?

It can be hard to decide which golf club is the right one for you. It all comes down to how you play. Some golfers prefer PXG irons because they offer a more forgiving approach than other clubs, while others may prefer p790 irons because of their higher-quality construction and design. If you’re not sure which club is best for you, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of each type of iron:

PXG irons are designed for players who want an easy-to-play ball with forgiveness in their swings. These clubs have a standard 16-degree backswing angle and are available in both medium and high woods. PXG irons typically come with a three-wood fairway wood, as well as a redesigned head shape that gives them an even more forgiving feel when released.

PXG Vs P790 Irons


The PXG and P790 irons are two of the most popular irons on the market. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand what they are before making a purchase. The PXG Iron is a more expensive option but with number of advantages. It has a wider range of loft options and you can customize the trajectory of your shots. The P790 Iron is better for shots in tight spaces. It also has a lower center of gravity, which makes it easier to control.