xxio golf clubs Review [pros & cons]

xxio golf clubs are a great option for those who are looking to improve their golf game. Although they come with some pros and cons, the overall decision is worth taking into consideration. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that xxio golf clubs offer:

  1. xxxxxio golf clubs cost less than other brands. This makes them a great option for those who are looking to save money.
  2. They are durable.

Are xxio golf clubs any good? – is it a good brand?

Are xxio golf clubs  any good? – is it  a good brand?

The xxio golf clubs are a good brand according to many people, but some people find them to be too expensive.

This year’s ClubTest is bigger and better than ever. To help you make sense of the mountain of high-tech new clubs on the market, they put all of the latest offerings from the top golf club manufacturers to the ultimate test. Below you will find the test results and complete reviews of latest hybrids from XXIO.

What can I tell you, I’m one of those “older, weaker players.” I’m 65, a 13 hi, lost some speed over the last year due to knee issues so have had to go to regular shafts from stiff. This fall, I was fitted by my golf instructor–have worked with him for 4-5 years. they tried a bunch of the 2017 offerings–Taylormade MCBGs or whatever the name of the new ones with every trick in the book, Mizuno HMs, Ping G400, Callaway Steelhead XRs. First time up, the XXIO forged irons were as long as anything else, and were far more consistent in terms of dispersion.

Came back at a later date, tried them again–same thing. And boy, do they feel good.

A brief history of xxio golf clubs

A brief history of xxio golf clubs

xxio golf clubs is a brand that was founded in 2014 by two brothers, who are currently the owner and CEO of xxio golf club. The xxio name comes from the two main colors of their equipment: green and orange. The company offers a variety of different golf clubs, including irons, wedges, and bows.xxio Golf Club was founded in 2014 by two brothers who are currently the owner and CEO of xxio golf club. The xxio name comes from the two main colors of their equipment: green and orange.

The company offers a variety of different golf clubs, including irons, wedges, and bows. The xxio brand has been praised for its quality products and customer service. In 2016, xxio was named one of the “Best Companies to Work For” by Forbes magazine.

Watching tour golf can often make you forget the swing speed of your regular club golfer. The average clubhead speed for male players comes in at 93.4mph, meaning a huge amount are under this and would actually boost their performance by using more lightweight equipment. That’s where XXIO come in.

They are specialists in premium, lightweight golf equipment.

Hannah Holden is the Equipment and Instruction Editor here at National Club Golfer. If you’re looking to improve your game, by changing your golf swing or upgrading your golf equipment she’ll have the answers.As well as writing lots of features and reviews you can find her on their YouTube channel giving you insights on the latest rules, clubs and tips to improve your golf game.Hannah is a member at both Huddersfield and Alwoodley golf clubs. You will either find her here or driving up and down the country playing in a variety of elite amateur events.

how do xxio golf clubs perform ?

how do xxio golf clubs perform ?

If you’re asking how xxio golf clubs perform, the answer is not as efficiently as you might think. In fact, they can actually do a bit worse than standard golf clubs.

I smell jeoulosy. If someone has a passion for golf, and the money to buy whatever they want; why not PXG or XXIO? And, higher end materials do add ENJOYMENT to the game. If you don’t believe that, just hit a forged and cast iron and tell me there’s no difference. Not everyone goes out expecting to be the next Jack Nicklaus, so why piss on their parade? BTW, I don’t play either of the clubs mentioned; nor the money to buy either brand; but I have a passion for golf. My particular obsession is driver shafts.

I buy them from eBay, and resell them on eBay, and rarely lose any money. I never get dramatically different performance, except in feel. And when I find something that feels good, I usually play better.

What You Get With xxio golf clubs

What You Get With xxio golf clubs

xxio golf clubs are designed purposely to give you more power and distance with each swing. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, xxio golf clubs will give you the power and distance you need to make consistent, accurate shots.

Lighter weight is a critical component of super game-improvement irons and while the shafts are decidedly lightweight, one of XXIO’s key technologies requires selectively adding weight in a spot designed to make your swing better. Called “Weight Plus,” weight is put in the butt end of each iron to raise the balance point higher than would otherwise be possible. This promotes a better wrist cock and hand position at the top of the swing resulting in a more efficient move into the ball. This is a specialized focus on the biomechanics of the least skilled golfers to improve their control to the point that they can execute a reliable swing.

xxio golf clubs Pros

xxio golf clubs Pros

xxio golf clubs pros are some of the best in the industry, thanks to their unique design and construction. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, xxio golf clubs are sure to make your game better.

Inbee Park has been using XXIO irons and driver for the past 5-6 seasons. Ever since she signed with Srixon. Even when she went on that incredible run a couple of seasons ago she was playing XXIO irons and driver. Another very good and young LPGA player, Minjee Lee also plays the XXIO driver, but Srixon irons. Sakura Yokomine from Japan has played on the LPGA for the past season and a half or more plays the cast XXIO 9 irons and XXIO woods.

Granted, these are all LPGA players, plus I’m sure they are not playing stock shafts in the clubs. I have even seen a couple of men on other tours around the world with XXIO bags. The XXIO forged models from the past few runs are very playerish type of irons, just a bit larger footprint. I am not sure what this guy Jeff Brunski is really talking about.

The XXIO stuff is high end because of the materials, grades of steel, etc. that are used. Plus the way that they are manufactured, it is not assembly line at all. I’m not sure by the rep’s comments about tour pros or why he did not mention any of the names I did, especially the first 2 as they are pretty high profile in women’s golf. I definitely believe that XXIO’s cost more to manufacture than anything from PXG, you can take that to the bank.

xxio golf clubs Design

Looking for a new xxio golf club design? Check out our selection of the best xxio golf clubs on the market today! From beginner to pro, we have something perfect for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a new xxio golf club or just need some advice on what to buy, we’ve got you covered.

XXIO 12 is designed to help players launch iron shots higher through a lowered center of gravity. Helping to achieve that is the use of high-density tungsten nickel weights in the toe area of the 5- through 7-irons. In addition to lowering the center of gravity to assist launch, the added heft ups the moment of forgiveness to mitigate the loss of ball speed on off-center strikes.

All golfers crave more speed, distance and carry and XXIO have managed to achieve it in the new irons without the need to go searching for it.

“From grip to tip, the inexplicably ultralightweight XXIO 12 Irons are designed with one thing in mind – utilizing ultramodern flex technologies and exotic materials to promote significant ball speed improvement without the need to increase swing tempo.

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xxio golf clubs Price

xxio golf clubs are a great option for those looking for a quality product. They come in a variety of prices, but all of them offer excellent performance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, xxio golf clubs will provide the perfect fit.

they test the new XXIO Prime irons, the latest clubs from luxury Japanese brand XXIO, and see if their performance matches the price.

This brand is one of the best-kept secrets in America. XXIO makes gorgeous, great-performing clubs, and these irons are no exception.

Another place where the iron excels: appearance. For this price, you expect elegant-looking clubs. And you get it. There are even vibrant gold accents in the cavity. At address, the club cleanly frames the ball. It’s average-sized with a thinnish top line.

XXIO was first introduced in 2000. It is always about distance and forgiveness. Since its introduction, it has gained popularity in the Japanese market and it is till the number 1 selling brand in golf in Japan. Just like Taylor Made and Callaway are to the US golf market, XXIO is the brand that many Japanese golfers sought after for longer and straighter golf equipment for beginners to experienced golfers.

The one thing that prevented from penetrating in to the US market would probably be the price.

xxio golf clubs Cons

xxio golf clubs Cons

There are many xxio golf clubs on the market, but which one is right for you? If you’re looking for a high-quality club that will help you achieve success on the green, then a xxio golf club is a good choice. However, if you’re just starting out, it might be wise to consider something less expensive first. Here are some xxio golf clubs that might be of interest to you.

XXIO is a very niche brand. While other companies target the majority of their clubs to average men golfers, XXIO focuses on the lightest weight clubs for seniors.

It’s very common for golfers to be afraid of clubs from brands that they haven’t heard of. That’s fair. Brands that you haven’t heard of typically produce low quality, cheap looking clubs. That is absolutely not the case with the XXIO Prime 11 irons.

Difficult to find sometimes. Not all retailers carry XXIO clubs, even though they are owned by the same company that owns Cleveland and Srixon.

There’s no question about it. The XXIO Prime 11 irons are best for senior golfers that want the most lightweight, longest set of irons on the market with plenty of forgiveness.

xxio golf clubs Durability

xxio golf clubs are some of the most durable items you could own. Despite their low price point, they offer a great deal of features and functionality that make them worth your investment. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key factors that contribute to xxio golf clubs durability.

As is the norm with XXIO, you can get any shaft you want with the new XXIO X irons—as long as it’s one of the two offered. Since XXIO designs its clubs grip to tip for the specific target golfer, it views custom fitting as customarily unnecessary.

For you budding metallurgists out there, adding vanadium to the mix makes the alloy even stronger and more ductile. For you golfers out there, it allows XXIO to thin the face to 2.1 millimeters.

The second generation of the XXIO X, however, is merely a lightweight iron set designed for the on-the-verge-of-aging golfer who has some game and swing speed left.

xxio golf clubs Incomplete Set

In the xxio golf club community, there are a few clubs that are incomplete set. These clubs are not being replaced or upgraded because they have not been used in a while and they may have some cosmetic issues. Incomplete sets can be fun to play with, but they can also be frustrating because it can take time to get them working correctly again.

Distance, forgiveness, and style? That’s the magic combination in this package set. It’s everything you need to takeyour game to the next level and the clubs have been tuned to help women swing faster and go farther. The set comesequipped with a full-featured cart bag and matching head covers in two colorways.

The XXIO 12 Ladies Premium Complete 10-Piece Package Set is a women’s selection unlike any other, because they’re more dedicated to improving your game than any other. With this unique set—along with exclusive pride of ownership—you won’t second guess a club choice playing these ultralightweight, high-performance Woods, Hybrids and Irons, because they’ve preselected a full bag for maximum ease and comfort.

Experience the Difference.

The 90 Day Performance Guarantee is limited to one store credit return. All return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. A copy of the original sales receipt is required for store credit. Prior written approval and return authorization (RA) number is also required prior to returning any club back to Rock Bottom Golf. Any club altered from the original purchase may not be accepted for return. Any return that has been damaged and/or displays excessive wear may not be returned. Clubs must be returned with all components as originally purchased including original headcover, wrenches and weights and in like new condition.

Rock Bottom Golf has final say for failure to meet product conditions under this program. Cash refunds will not be issued.


xxio golf clubs offer a high quality product at an affordable price. The pros of xxio golf clubs include the fact that they are very Affordable, and have a wide variety of clubs to choose from. However, there are some cons to consider when looking into xxio golf clubs. One con is that they may not be as durable as other brands, so it is important to take care of them.

Another con is that the grips can be uncomfortable for some people.