what is pxg 2 iron and where to buy for sale pxg gen2?

PXG, one of the phenomenal golf equipment manufacturers in 2015, came into the picture with a plethora of game-changing technologies and components so far unseen in other golf clubs. The PXG engineers and product developers have put their teeth to work and devised many new technologies, which by far bring PXG clubs out of mainstream clubs, making their clubs more versatile, longer, higher, and easier to hit.

what is PXG 2 Iron?

PXG Gen 2 Irons are the next generation of PXG irons that are designed for Tour-level players. They feature a new face design, with a thinner topline and wider sole than the original. The face design improves the MOI of the irons and allows for more forgiveness by creating a larger sweet spot. The larger grooves on these irons also help with spin control and distance control, giving you better-shot control overall on your shots.

The Gen 2 Irons also have a new shape to them, which helps provide more forgiveness while also giving you a better look at the address. This is due to the fact that they have more offset than previous versions of PXG irons. Finally, you can get these irons in multiple lofts and lies to suit your needs exactly as well as different shaft options depending on what kind of golfer you are looking to become with these clubs!

pxg 2 iron

PXG 2 Iron Review

The PXG 2 Iron is a game-changing golf club that combines a game-improvement design with an unrivaled feel. The PXG 2 Iron achieves its feel by using the same materials found in our flagship forged irons, but instead of forging them into one piece, we’ve designed it to be built from multiple pieces of steel.

This allows us to create a club with the same feel as a forged iron while also giving us greater control over every aspect of the design process. The PXG 2 Iron features its signature True Temper XP 90 steel shafts, which have become synonymous with the PXG brand because they are both extremely lightweight and incredibly durable.

The shafts are available in weights ranging from 50 grams all the way down to 40 grams and in lengths ranging from 35 inches all the way up to 47 inches. The PXG 2 Irons combine three different types of steel: high modulus carbon steel for durability and strength, stainless steel for distance control and low CG (center of gravity), and softer 1025 carbon steel for forgiveness and feel.

Unique and Innovative Technology

The PXG Gen2 irons are a unique, innovative technology that combines the best of forged and cast irons. PXG uses a forged maraging steel face that is surrounded by an ultra-thin 17-4 stainless steel body to deliver maximum distance and forgiveness. The perimeter weighting and a center of gravity position that is higher than the face help create a high MOI for easy trajectory control. The dual cavity undercut design provides maximum perimeter weighting for explosive ball speed while reducing overall weight and providing a clean, crisp look at the address.

The iron features an all-milled forged maraging steel face insert with a tungsten toe weight that improves forgiveness and promotes faster ball speeds across the entire face. This iron also has a proprietary tungsten toe weighting system that delivers exceptional feel at impact, while helping to lower the center of gravity to produce higher launch angles.

Progressive Weighting System

The PXG GEN 2 Iron Set features a progressive weighting system, which allows for a larger sweet spot that makes it easier to hit the ball straight and far. These irons have been redesigned with an improved hosel design, which increases stability throughout your swing. The Gen 2 Irons are also stronger than their predecessors, making them more durable and less likely to break when you hit them into the ground.

The system employs a low-tungsten design that drops the center of gravity (CG) lower, while also increasing the moment of inertia (MOI). As you’d expect, this results in more consistent distance control around the green and better forgiveness on mishits.

The COR2 Technology

The COR2 Technology is one of the main features that set PXG clubs apart from other brands. This technology allows PXG clubs to offer a better feel without sacrificing distance or accuracy. The COR2 Technology allows for a more forgiving clubface on each club, which results in a more consistent distance no matter where you hit it on the face of the club. It offers maximum forgiveness with a low center of gravity for increased launch angle, faster ball speed, and longer off-center hits.

The COR2 Technology is PXG’s most advanced and proprietary face construction. The COR2 technology creates a hot spot of high COR across the entire face of the club, resulting in faster ball speeds and more distance than ever before. The hotter face and longer off center hits will also increase spin rates for control around the green.

The new PXG Gen 2 irons are constructed with tungsten weighting that is placed behind the face to lower CG, which allows for higher launch angles and increased forgiveness. This also allows for a stronger trajectory that’s not ballooning as it travels through impact. These clubs are perfect for golfers who want more distance and forgiveness from their game, but also want to maintain their ability to work the ball both ways on their shots.

It is a technology that has been developed to increase the COR of the club head by as much as 15%. This means that the club will be able to launch the ball higher and farther than before. The way this works is by increasing the size of the sweet spot on each club head and adding weight to the toe area of each iron. This will make it easier for golfers to hit shots off-center and still get great distance out of their shots. 

The Feel and Performance

The PXG 2 irons are designed with a thicker top line, deeper undercut and more offset than their predecessors. The increased offset helps to create a larger sweet spot and improve forgiveness by lowering spin rates on off-center hits. The deep undercut creates more space between the face and sole of the club, which also reduces spin rates on off-center strikes. This combination results in a club that produces more consistent distance regardless of where it’s struck.

To increase stability at impact, PXG has added weight to the face of each iron through its use of its proprietary steel formulation, called “Precision Cast 345,” or PC-621. In addition to creating more stability at impact, this increase in weight also decreases the amount of vibration transmitted through the shaft and into your hands at impact – an important feature for players seeking an extremely solid feel when hitting shots from tight lies or other difficult areas around the green.

The PXG Gen 2 irons have a softer feel than the previous versions of PXG irons, which means they’re easier to hit off the deck or when your game needs some extra yardage. The biggest change with these new irons is in how far you can hit them.

Distance Control with the PXG 2 Irons

PXG Gen 2 irons are the latest and greatest offering from PXG. The company has been making buzz in the industry with its high-end golf equipment and this new line of irons is no exception. The PXG 2 irons feature something called “Pure Roll” Technology, which was first introduced on their wedges last year. This technology eliminates side spin by changing the face angle at impact, which helps produce distance control and more consistent shots. The new Gen2 irons have a slightly thinner topline than the original version but are still very sleek-looking. The toe and heel shapes have been slightly rounded off for better turf interaction, which should help with getting out of the rough a little easier.

Distance Control with the PXG 2 Irons. One of the biggest benefits of these new irons is that they provide more consistency in your shots than ever before. A lot of golfers struggle to get distance control because they don’t know how far away they are from their target when they swing their driver or fairway wood, but these new irons give you an exact measurement on each club so you know exactly how far away you are from where you’re trying to land your shot.

The PXG 2 iron is designed to be a workhorse iron, and the first thing you notice is that they have a very high MOI. The large size of the head makes them look like they are going to be pretty chunky, but they are actually light and very easy to swing. This is because they have a thin top line and a deep undercut cavity that moves weight low in the head. The result is a more forgiving club that feels great at impact. 

Where to Buy pxg 2 iron for sale?

The PXG irons are some of the best irons on the market right now. They are very high quality, but they also cost a lot more than your average set of irons. They are not cheap, but they can be worth the price if you want a quality product. If you’re looking for a good set of clubs that are high quality and will last you a long time, then this could be the set for you. If you’re interested in buying these clubs, then there are a few places that sell them online.

One of the best places to buy them is from Amazon where they have a large selection available at different prices depending on what set of clubs you want (there are three different types). You can also find them on other websites like eBay or even Craigslist if you’re looking for something specific.


The PXG 2 Iron is the newest addition to the PXG family of irons. This club features a 460cc head and a unique shape. It also has a thinner top line and deeper undercut than previous models. The head design on this club allows for better players to be able to hit the ball higher, while the increased size helps make it easier for amateurs to hit their shots more consistently.