Everything You Need To Know about Maxfli StraightFli Golf Ball

Golf enthusiasts know that choosing the right golf ball can make a huge difference in their game. That’s where Maxfli StraightFli Golf Ball comes into the picture. Considered to be one of the best golf balls on the market, it has earned great reviews from golfers around the world. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, in this article, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the Maxfli StraightFli Golf Ball.

What are Maxfli golf balls?

Maxfli StraightFli golf balls are designed for golfers who want to achieve straighter shots and longer distances. These balls feature a soft, low-compression core that maximizes ball speed and reduces spin, resulting in a straighter flight. The high-speed mantle layer also helps to increase ball speed while maintaining low spin for better accuracy.

How does this golf ball work?

It works by combining a soft core and high-speed mantle layer with a low-drag aerodynamic design. When struck, the core compresses and releases energy, propelling the ball forward at high speeds. The mantle layer also helps to maintain ball speed while reducing spin, ensuring a straighter flight path. Additionally, the dimple pattern on the ball’s surface contributes to its aerodynamic design by reducing drag and enhancing lift, resulting in longer distances.

Maxfli StraightFli Golf Ball Review

Maxfli golf balls are a new type of golf ball that was created by the famed Maxfli Golf Company. These balls have been designed to improve your shot and give you more distance. They are also often used by professional golfers, so you can be sure that they will perform well.

If you’re looking for a new type of golf ball and are unsure of which one to choose, then take a look at Maxfli golf balls. This ball is designed specifically for those who want the best possible performance out of their shots.

What we like

  1. It is designed to provide maximum distance off the tee.
  2. The firm cover provides consistent spin and controls around the green.
  3. The low-compression core helps improve feel and playability.
  4. It is a great value for recreational golfers.

What we dislike

  1. It is not ideal for more advanced golfers who need higher spin rates and control.
  2. The ball may not be as durable as some other more expensive options.

The price range and warranty 

Maxfli golf balls typically range in price from $15.99 – $19.99. The warranty for Maxfli golf balls is a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Maxfli StraightFli golf ball

Where to find discount code?

To find discount codes for Maxfli StraightFli golf balls, try checking different coupon websites or subscribing to the brand’s mailing list. You can try searching for Maxfli StraightFli golf ball discount codes on coupon websites, the Maxfli website, or social media pages, and signing up for their email newsletter to receive upcoming promotions and deals. Additionally, golf retailers and sporting goods stores may offer discounts on Maxfli StraightFli golf balls as well.

Where to buy Maxfli StraightFli ball with the best price?

When it comes to purchasing Maxfli StraightFli golf balls at the best price, you can check online retailers such as Amazon, Golf Galaxy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, or the Maxfli official website to compare prices and look for deals or promotions. You may also consider purchasing in bulk for better pricing options.


Q1: What is the compression rating of the Maxfli golf ball?

A: The Maxfli StraightFli golf ball has a compression rating of 70.

Q2: Is this golf ball suitable for all golfers?

A: The Maxfli StraightFli golf ball is generally suitable for golfers who struggle with slicing or hooking the ball. However, it may not be the best fit for golfers who prefer a high-spin ball or who have a higher swing speed.

Q4: Where can I buy the StraightFli golf ball?

A: The StraightFli golf ball can be purchased at most major golf retailers, including Golf Galaxy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and PGA Tour Superstore. It can also be purchased online at various websites, including Amazon and the Maxfli website.

Q5: How does the MaxfliStraightFli golf ball compare to other golf balls on the market?

A: The MaxfliStraightFli golf ball is comparable to other golf balls that are designed to promote straighter shots, such as the Titleist DT TruSoft or the Bridgestone e6 Soft. However, it may not provide the same level of performance as more premium golf balls, such as the Titleist Pro V1 or Taylormade TP5.

Q6: Is the MaxfliStraightFli golf ball conforming to USGA rules?

A: Yes, the MaxfliStraightFli golf ball is conforming to USGA rules and can be used in competition.

Maxfli StraightFli golf ball

The End

In conclusion, the Maxfli StraightFli Golf Ball can be the ideal choice for all types of golfers. Its innovative design and advanced technology provide superior distance, accuracy, and control, giving you the perfect flight with every swing. It’s a ball that helps golfers achieve their best game and enjoy the sport to the fullest. Now that you know everything about this fantastic golf ball, it’s time to hit the course and see the difference for yourself!