PXG 0211 ST Irons Vs 0317 T Irons: Which Is Better?

When it comes to choosing between the PXG 0211 ST Irons Vs the 0317 T Irons, golf enthusiasts often find themselves in a dilemma. Each iron offers unique features and advantages that cater to different playing styles. So, let’s take a closer look at these impressive golf clubs and evaluate their performance on the course.

PXG 0211 ST Irons

PXG 0211 ST Irons

The PXG 0211 ST irons, part of the new 0211 line of clubs from PXG, are meticulously designed for both men and women, offering a blend of forgiveness, performance, and accuracy. The incorporation of a Speed Pocket design ensures improved forgiveness on off-center hits and reduced spin, while the Tri-Axis Head design facilitates higher trajectory and enhanced ball striking ability.

Crafted from Z-forged stainless steel, the head of the club exemplifies durability and consistent performance. These high-quality irons cater to golfers of all skill levels, providing an affordable option for those seeking exceptional results on the course. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, the PXG 0211 ST irons warrant serious consideration for your next set of golf clubs.

PXG 0317 T Irons

PXG 0317 T Irons

The PXG 0317 T iron is a remarkable addition to PXG’s esteemed “sharpshooter” lineup, meticulously crafted to meet the specific demands of elite players. Since its inception in 2015, PXG has been at the forefront of hollow body iron technology, earning a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the finest irons in the industry. This groundbreaking innovation has also influenced other renowned brands like TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, and Callaway to adopt similar hollow body designs in their own iron offerings.

Inspired by the US Marine Corps occupational code for a “Scout Sniper,” the 0317 family encompasses the 0317 ST, 0317 CB, and the all-new 0317 T. This extensive range empowers skilled golfers with unprecedented versatility in selecting different iron head constructions, allowing them to curate their ideal combination set that perfectly aligns with their individual preferences and playing style.

PXG 0211 ST Irons Vs 0317 T Irons: The differences

PXG 0211 st irons vs 0317 t irons


There are a few obvious variations in the appearance of the PXG 0211 ST irons and the 0317 T irons. The 0211 ST irons look sleek and contemporary thanks to their low profile crown and flatter sole. Conversely, the 0317 T irons are smaller in size and have a little thicker blade. Both irons include machined surfaces on the back and PXG’s Precision Weighting Technology. The 0211 ST irons and the 0317 T irons are offered in chrome and Xtreme Darkness finishes, respectively. All things considered, both sets of irons have a striking appearance and distinct qualities.

Sound & Feel

The PXG 0211 ST Irons and 0317 T Irons have different sound and feel characteristics. The 0211 ST Irons provide a pleasing sound and feel with minimal skidding or ballooning on off-center shots. They offer a solid and connected feel, delivering a quiet “thud” at impact. On the other hand, the 0317 T Irons have a more traditional forged iron feel, with a solid and connected sensation similar to that of a classic iron. The feedback is not overly pronounced but still provides good information through the hands.


The Specifications of PXG 0211 ST Irons:

Iron Loft Lie Length Bounce Offset
4i 22.50° 61.00° 38⅞” 3.00° 0.145″
5i 25.00° 61.50° 38¼” 4.00° 0.12″
6i 28.00° 62.00° 37⅝” 5.00° 0.1″
7i 32.00° 62.50° 37″ 6.00° 0.085″
8i 36.00° 63.00° 36½” 7.00° 0.07″
9i 41.00° 63.50° 36″ 8.00° 0.055″
PW 46.00° 64.00° 35¾” 10.00° 0.04″
GW 51.00° 64.00° 35½” 12.00° 0.025″

The Specifications of PXG 0317 T Irons:

Club Loft Standard Length (inches) Standard Lie Offset (inches) Bounce
3 20° 39.5″ 60.5° .150″
4 22.5° 38.875″ 61° .130″
5 25° 38.25″ 61.5° .110″
6 28° 37.625″ 62° .090″
7 32° 37″ 62.5° .075″
8 36° 36.5″ 63° .060″ 10°
9 41° 36″ 63.5° .040″ 12°
W 46° 35.75″ 64° .020″ 14°
G 51° 35.5″ 64° .015″ 14°


The PXG 0211 ST Irons and 0317 T Irons are both designed to offer forgiveness to golfers. The 0211 ST Irons have a classic design and a smaller face area, which makes them more forgiving on mishits. Meanwhile, the 0317 T Irons use hollow body technology and S COR material to prioritize stability and consistency. Both iron models provide forgiveness, but the 0211 ST is favored for its traditional design, while the 0317 T focuses on shot consistency. Golfers can choose the iron model that best suits their playing style and preferences.


The PXG 0211 ST Irons and 0317 T Irons both prioritize accuracy in their design. The 0211 ST Irons feature a classic design and smaller face area, allowing for precise and controlled shots. Similarly, the 0317 T Irons utilize hollow body technology and S COR material to enhance stability and consistency, resulting in accurate shot placement. Golfers can rely on either iron model to deliver accurate results on the golf course, based on their personal preference for traditional design or enhanced stability.


The PXG 0211 ST Irons cost $149, and the 0317 T Irons have a marginally higher price of $179.99. When selecting an iron set, golfers can take into account their spending limit as well as the extra features that each model has to offer. You can check the latest price form here.

PXG 0211 ST Irons Vs 0317 T Irons: Which Is Better?

Deciding which iron set is better, the PXG 0211 ST Irons or the 0317 T Irons, ultimately depends on the golfer’s personal preferences and playing style. The 0211 ST Irons are favored for their classic design and smaller face area, making them more forgiving on mishits and suitable for golfers who prefer a traditional look and feel.

Meanwhile, the 0317 T Irons prioritize stability and consistency with their hollow body technology and S COR material, making them ideal for golfers who want enhanced accuracy and control. Ultimately, golfers should choose the iron set that best suits their specific needs and preferences.


What does ST mean PXG?

“ST” in PXG stands for “Super Tour,” indicating a club design that is suited for tour-level performance and playability.

Is PXG 0211 worth it?

The PXG 0211 irons are considered worth it for many golfers due to their combination of forgiveness, distance, and feel at a relatively competitive price point compared to other PXG iron models.

What is the difference between PXG 0211 and 0311 Gen 2?

The 0311 Gen 2 irons feature a forged construction with a more compact head shape, targeting better players, while the 0211 irons have a cast body with a larger profile, providing additional forgiveness and distance.

How does PXG compare to Titleist?

PXG is known for its focus on innovation, performance, and customization, while Titleist is recognized for its long-standing reputation for quality and precision.


The PXG 0211 ST Irons Vs the 0317 T Irons both bring remarkable qualities to the game of golf. While the PXG 0211 ST Irons offer exceptional forgiveness and distance, the 0317 T Irons provide players with enhanced control and versatility. The choice between these two clubs ultimately depends on individual preferences, swing characteristics, and playing style. With either iron in your hands, you can expect a thrilling and rewarding experience on the fairways.