PXG 0311 SGI: What you should know and where to buy with the best price?

The PXG 0311 SGI are the Gen 2 Irons offering from PXG, and they are designed to be the ultimate in performance and forgiveness. The irons feature a forged iron construction, which makes them incredibly durable and able to withstand the rigors of the game. 

Introduction of PXG 0311 SGI

  • PXG 0311 SGI Gen2 irons are designed for golfers who want the ultimate in performance and forgiveness.
  • The irons feature a forged irons

PXG’s 0311 SGI is the company’s first-ever Super Game Improvement iron. It’s designed for golfers who want more distance and forgiveness, without sacrificing feel or looks. The 0311 SGI is a cavity back iron that features a thin, hot face for incredible ball speeds.

It also has a tungsten weight in the toe for added stability and forgiveness. The 0311 SGI is available in 3- through 9-irons, as well as a pitching wedge and an approach wedge.

PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons Review

PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons are designed for serious golfers who want the absolute best performance, no matter the price. And boy, do they deliver.

The 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons feature a new face material that’s thinner and hotter than anything PXG has ever produced. This results in incredible ball speeds and launch angles, meaning you’ll be hitting it longer and straighter than ever before.

The clubs also feature a new weighting system that’s been specifically designed to help golfers with a high-spin rate. This means that if you tend to hit the ball high and spin it a lot, you’ll finally have a set of clubs that can help you bring your game down to earth.

All in all, these are some of the most impressive irons we’ve ever seen. If you’re serious about your game and you’re looking for clubs that can help you take it to the next level, the PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons are definitely worth a look.

PXG 0311 SGI

The First Impression

We have to say, we were really impressed with the PXG 0311 SGI irons! They have a great look to them and they feel really solid when you hit the ball. The ball seems to just explode off the clubface, and the forgiveness is incredible. We would definitely recommend these irons to any golfer looking for a great game-improvement iron.


Club Loft Lie Length (Inches) Bounce Offset (Inches)
4 19.5° 61° 38⅞ 0.255
5 22° 61.5° 38¼ 0.225
6 25° 62° 37⅝ 0.195
7 29° 62.5° 37 0.165
8 33° 63° 36½ 10° 0.135
9 38° 63.5° 36 11° 0.110
W 43° 64° 35¾ 12° 0.085
G 48° 64° 35½ 12° 0.070
S 53° 64° 35¼ 12° 0.060
L 58° 64° 35 10° 0.050

Head Size & Offset

The PXG 0311 SGI is designed to offer golfers an extremely forgiving club with a large sweet spot. The head size is 460cc, which is significantly larger than most drivers on the market. The offset is also much higher than most drivers, which means that the club face is much more open at impact. This makes it easier to hit the ball straight, even if you don’t have perfect swing technique.

Sole Design 

The 0311 SGI has a V-shaped sole that is specifically designed to help with turf interaction. This is especially helpful for those who have a hard time getting the ball to launch off the ground. The V-shape also helps to provide more stability and forgiveness on shots.

Overall, the sole design of the 0311 SGI is definitely something that sets it apart from other clubs on the market. If you are looking for a club that can help you improve your game, then this is definitely one to consider.

Sound & Feel

Being a forged club, they definitely have a more muted solid sounding thud to them. A bit refreshing from the louder clicky sound of many GI/SGI irons on the market today especially hollow body irons. The best feeling SGI irons I have hit to date. Also I like that off centered hits have a slightly different feel to them for feedback purposes.

Vibration Dampening

PXG’s 0311 SGI Gen2 irons are designed with vibration dampening in mind. The irons feature a unique internal rib structure that helps to minimize vibrations and provides a more comfortable feel at impact. The 0311 SGI Gen2 irons also feature PXG’s patented SpeedFoam Technology, which further reduces vibrations and provides a soft, yet responsive feel.

PXG’s 0311 SGI Gen2 irons are the perfect choice for golfers who are looking for a more comfortable and forgiving iron. The irons offer a great combination of forgiveness and playability, and the vibration dampening technology ensures that you’ll enjoy a more comfortable and responsive feel at impact.

COR2 Technology 

COR2 is a low density, high speed, vibration dampening material with explosive C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) properties. Injected into PXG’s forged, hollow-body irons, the material supports an extremely efficient energy transfer, helping produce a more consistent response, incredible accuracy and an outstanding feel at impact

PXG 0311 SGI

Performance Benefits 

  • High Launch
  • High Peak Height
  • Effortless Impact
  • Insanely Forgiving
  • Inspires Confidence
  • Outstanding Sound & Feel

Price and Warranty

The PXG 0311 SGI Gen2 irons are available in 4-PW, GW, and SW, and they have a suggested retail price of $1,299. It comes with a limited two-year warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. If your club breaks or is damaged during normal play, PXG will replace it free of charge. 

Best Deal and Where to Buy

There are a few places that you can buy the PXG 0311 SGI, but the best place to buy it is from the official PXG website. You can also find it for sale on some golf equipment websites, but the prices may be higher than what you would pay on the PXG website. 

There are the best-selling product, and you can click to know more details.

What Do Customers say about the PXG 0311 SGI GEN2 Irons?

When it comes to golf clubs, it seems like every company is trying to outdo the competition with new and innovative technology. PXG is no different with their new 0311 SGI GEN2 irons. These clubs are designed with game improvement in mind, and they have some pretty impressive technology built into them. But what do customers think about them?

So far, the feedback on the 0311 SGI GEN2 irons has been pretty positive. Customers say that they are very forgiving, and that they have helped them to improve their game. The clubs have a nice, solid feel to them, and they are very well-constructed.

The only complaints seem to be about the price. but considering the quality of the clubs, many customers feel that they are worth the investment.

Who should buy the PXG 0311 SGI Gen 2 Irons?

The PXG 0311 SGI Gen 2 Irons are designed for players who want the ultimate in terms of performance and forgiveness. If you’re a low-handicap golfer who is looking for a new set of irons that will help you take your game to the next level, the PXG 0311 SGI Gen 2 Irons are a great option.

Are the PXG 0311 SGI Gen2 forgiving?

The PXG 0311 SGI Gen2 are very forgiving, especially when compared to other irons in their class. The main reason for this is their unique construction. The face of the club is slightly thinner than most irons, which allows for more flex. This flex allows the club to absorb more impact, making it much more forgiving on off-center hits.

Additionally, the club’s center of gravity is located closer to the shaft, which also increases forgiveness.

Are the PXG 0311 SGI Gen2 for what handicap?

PXG’s 0311 SGI Gen2 irons are designed for golfers of all handicaps. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these irons will help you improve your game. They’re forgiving, yet still provide plenty of control and accuracy. And they’re just as playable from the fairway as they are from the rough. So no matter what your handicap, the 0311 SGI Gen2 irons can help you lower your score.

PXG 0311 XF vs 0311 SGI Irons

When it comes to choosing between the PXG 0311 XF and 0311 SGI irons, it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Both sets of irons offer great forgiveness and distance, but the 0311 XF irons may appeal more to those who prefer a slightly smaller head size and a more traditional look. On the other hand, the 0311 SGI irons feature a larger head and a more modern design that some golfers may prefer. Ultimately, it is up to the individual golfer to decide which set of irons best suits their needs and preferences.

PXG 0311 SGI

The End

If you’re looking for a high-quality golf club that won’t break the bank, then you should definitely check out PXG 0311 SGI. This club is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their game but doesn’t want to spend a fortune. Plus, because it’s licensed by Callaway Golf, you can be sure that this club will give you the performance that you need to take your game to the next level.