Pxg 0317 ST Irons Vs 0317 T Irons: Which Irons Are Right For You?

When it comes to choosing the right irons for your golf game, the Pxg 0317 ST Irons Vs 0317 T Irons are two options that deserve your attention. Each iron has its unique features and benefits, making the decision a challenging one. In this comparison, we will analyze the differences between these two exceptional iron sets, helping you make an informed choice.

PXG 0317 ST Irons

PXG 0317 ST Irons

The PXG 0317 ST Irons is a game-changer for golfers looking for exceptional performance on the course. These irons have a sleek design and provide a sweet feel that strong ball strikers will appreciate. With cavity backs in the 3I and 4I, these irons offer enhanced playability, allowing you to hit consistent shots with ease.

The name change to the 0317 ST irons is significant, as it represents the US Marine Corps Scout Sniper, which is fitting since these irons are built for precision and accuracy. If you are a highly skilled player seeking the best equipment to elevate your game, the PXG 0317 ST Irons are an excellent choice.

PXG 0317 T Irons

PXG 0317 T Irons

The PXG 0317 T Irons are a game-changing addition to the 0317 line, specifically designed to cater to better players seeking enhanced forgiveness and performance. With the use of hollow body technology, these irons offer exceptional forgiveness while delivering high spin and consistent distance, making them a solid choice for skilled golfers looking to elevate their game.

Despite its absence from the 0311 GEN6 launch, the new PXG 0317 T iron has generated significant excitement, and for good reason. This iron is unlike any previous T iron, and its innovative features make it a compelling option for golfers looking to take their game to the next level. If you’re a skilled golfer seeking a versatile and high-performing iron, the PXG 0317 T Irons deserve serious consideration.

PXG 0317 ST Irons Vs 0317T Irons: Comparasion Detail

PXG 0317 ST Irons Vs 0317T Irons


PXG 0317 ST Irons specs sheet:

PXG 0317 ST Irons specs sheet

PXG 0317 T Irons specs sheet:

PXG 0317 T Irons specs sheet


The PXG 0317 ST Vs 0317 T irons showcase distinct aesthetic designs that cater to the preferences of different golfers. The 0317 ST irons present a departure from the previous generation with a notable absence of tungsten-weight screws, allowing for intricate milling patterns on the back and an eye-catching display of the PXG logo. The blended set features pure blades from 5I through GW, with cavity backs in the 3I and 4I, offering a traditional yet visually striking look.

In contrast, the 0317 T irons share similarities with the 0317 ST and 0317 CB designs, albeit with a slightly larger profile and the incorporation of PXG’s Precision Weighting Technology. The 0317 T irons are available in chrome and Xtreme Darkness finishes, maintaining a compact appearance with a thin top line and subtle rounding, catering to the preferences of skilled golfers seeking a sleek and professional aesthetic on the course.


The 0317 ST irons, being solid body forged irons, provide a traditional, soft, and solid feel upon striking a well-executed shot. The accompanying sound is a quiet “thud” that can vary slightly depending on the type of ball used. These irons offer excellent feedback, allowing players to precisely locate their strike location and providing a firmer feel on mishits without causing discomfort.

On the other hand, the 0317 T irons feature a new polymer, the S COR material, inside the head, offering stability and a connected feel similar to traditional forged irons. Despite their hollow construction, these irons deliver a solid, rewarding feel with good feedback through the hands. The impact produces a quiet “thud” that distinguishes pure strikes from mishits without being overly pronounced.


The PXG 0317 ST irons offer a significant departure from their previous sets, introducing cavity-back 3I and 4I clubs. This change was made based on the observation that even professional players rarely use blade-long irons. Testing has shown that the addition of the cavity back in the 4I provides more consistent ball speed and higher launch, resulting in improved distance and distance consistency.

The rest of the set also delivers exceptional performance, with precise head weight tolerances, robotic polishing, and milled grooves for optimal control and consistency. These irons are best suited for players who prioritize spin and shot shaping rather than maximum distance and forgiveness. The Precision Weighting Technology allows for customized swing weight without compromising the center of gravity.

Conversely, the PXG 0317 T irons utilize a hollow body design and S COR material to enhance forgiveness and consistency. They provide consistent distances and higher mid-iron spin rates, making them suitable for players seeking controlled shot shapes and firm greens. The MOI is significantly higher than the 0317 ST and CB models, and the addition of an internal tungsten weight further boosts forgiveness. Lastly, the 0317 T irons feature Precision Weighting Technology, allowing for precise swing weight adjustments while maintaining a centered sweet spot and excellent feel.


The PXG 0317 T irons are a more affordable option at $169 compared to the PXG 0317 ST irons priced at $199. However, it’s important to note that both sets are still on the higher end of the price spectrum for golf clubs. It’s up to the individual golfer to determine if the performance and features of these irons justify the cost. If you’re interested in them, you can check the latest price form here.

PXG 0317 ST Irons Vs 0317T Irons: Which Irons Are Right for You?

Choosing between the PXG 0317 ST irons and the 0317 T irons depends on your preferences and playing style. If you prioritize distance and forgiveness, the 0317 ST irons may be the right choice for you. They feature a cavity back design in the long irons, providing consistent ball speed and a higher launch for increased distance and better distance consistency.

On the other hand, if you value forgiveness and consistency, the 0317 T irons are worth considering. With their hollow body design and S COR material, they offer enhanced forgiveness and consistent distances. They also have higher mid-iron spin rates, making it easier to hold firm greens and shape your shots. Consider your playing needs and preferences to determine which set of irons will best suit your game.


What does ST mean in PXG?

“ST” in PXG stands for “Super Tour,” indicating that the PXG 0317 ST irons are designed with a focus on tour-level performance and precision.

What does Pxg stand for in golf clubs?

PXG stands for “Parsons Xtreme Golf,” which is the name of the company that produces these high-end golf clubs known for their advanced technology and premium craftsmanship.

Is Pxg 0211 forged or cast?

The PXG 0211 irons are cast, not forged.


The Pxg 0317 ST Irons and 0317 T Irons offer distinct advantages for golfers seeking superior performance on the course. Whether you prioritize distance, forgiveness, or precision, both iron sets have something to offer. Ultimately, the right choice depends on your individual playing style and preferences. By carefully considering the key differences outlined in this comparison, you can confidently select the irons that will elevate your golf game to new heights.