PXG damascus putter review: The Best for discerning golfers

The PXG Damascus Putter comes with a variety of different options so you can choose what type of feel and look fits your game best.

PXG Damascus Putter Review

The PXG Damascus putter is an absolute beauty. It’s one of the most unique-looking putters out there and has a timeless look that will never go out of style. The Damascus finish is also highly durable and will not wear off over time. The face of the putter is very large, which is great for helping you align your putts from far away.

The grooves on the face are designed to help you line up your shots better as well as give you more control when putting. You can choose between three different head designs, each with its own unique characteristics: The Pure model features a traditional blade shape head design with a large face and minimal offset, making it easier to align your putts from far away and providing more control over your ball while putting.

This model also features no sightline so it will help eliminate distractions while lining up your shots. The Tour model features an even larger face than the Pure model with an even more minimal offset, making it even easier to line up long-distance putts without any distractions.

The PXG Damascus putters are cast from pure Damascus steel

PXG damascus putter

Damascus steel is known for its durability and strength, and the PXG putters are cut from a single piece of this metal. This process creates a unique pattern on each putter, so no two are exactly alike. The Damascus putters features three models: The PXG 0311, The PXG 0311 TP, and The PXG 0311 CC. The PXG 0311 is the standard model. It comes in both right-handed and left-handed versions, with a variety of different shaft options (unlike the other two models). The PXG 0311 TP (“TP” stands for Tour Prototype) was designed with input from several top pros to improve performance on Tour.

It has a slightly smaller face than the standard model, which helps golfers avoid long putts to the hole by giving them more control over distance control. It also has a slightly thicker top line than the standard model for added stability at impact. Finally, there’s The PXG 0311 CC (“CC” stands for Curl Control), which features a raised center section on its face that gives golfers more control over their distance control when hitting low-spin shots with high lofted clubs like wedges.

Black Onyx PVD Coating

A few years ago, PXG released a new putter line based on the classic blade shape. The Black Onyx PVD Coating putter is a classic blade with a modern twist. With a black-on-black look and feel, this putter looks great in any bag and will be sure to turn heads when you are playing. The head of this putter is made of aerospace grade stainless steel and has been machined with extreme precision.

This allows for extreme accuracy and control over your strokes. The face of the club is coated in black oxide and then polished to give it that smooth look and feel that you would expect from a high end putter. The sole of this club is also made of stainless steel which makes it much more durable than other clubs on the market today. While it may not look as attractive as some other models, this club has been designed with performance in mind – not aesthetics. One thing that many discerning golfers love about this club is its weight distribution system (WDS). It is called “PXG Weight Forward Technology” (WFT) which basically means that the weight has been placed mostly forward on the head so that when you make contact with your ball it will tend to move forward.

Custom Stepped-Face technology

PXG (Pretty Xtreme Golf) has been making waves in the golf industry. PXG is a brand that’s been around for a few years and really broke out with their irons. Their first iron was released in 2012, and since then they’ve expanded into wedges, drivers and putters. The company has a real focus on high-end materials and craftsmanship, so it’s no surprise that PXG putters are some of the most expensive you can find on the market.

There are also some unique technologies used within PXG putters that we haven’t seen anywhere else – let alone other brands at this price point! PXG damascus steel putter review: Custom Stepped-Face Technology The Custom Stepped-Face technology is one of the most unique features on any putter I’ve ever seen.

The face itself is made from two different types of stainless steel which are welded together to create a pattern that looks like ripples or waves when viewed from above. This pattern isn’t just cosmetic either; it actually affects how well your ball rolls after it hits the face. When you hit a ball with a flat face (like most.

Unique weight chamber system

PXG, the high-end golf equipment brand from Mike Young, has been in the news lately. The company is currently being sued by TaylorMade for allegedly copying its mallet-style putter design to create the X-Putter. The lawsuit comes on the heels of another lawsuit PXG filed against Nike for a similar mallet putter design — one that looks remarkably similar to PXG’s own version. It’s hard not to see this as a sign that PXG is growing into an increasingly formidable competitor in the golf equipment space. If you haven’t seen these putters yet, they’re worth checking out. They have an unusual weight chamber system that makes them far more stable than other mallets on the market.

This stability allows them to feel lighter than they actually are, which can be a real benefit for players who struggle with putting speed. So what exactly makes these putters so special? Let’s take a closer look at how they work and why they’re so popular among discerning golfers like yourself.

Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol grip

Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol grip The Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol grip is a great option for golfers looking to upgrade their putter grip. This is a high-quality grip that is designed for easy alignment and improved control over your short game. The Lamkin Sink Fit Pistol grip features a soft feel material that will improve your grip on the club, even in wet conditions. It also features a unique design that makes it easier to align your putts properly, which will help you sink more of them! This is the best option for discerning golfers who want to improve their short game with an advanced putter grip.

The Stock Shaft

PXG is the brainchild of golf club manufacturer Bob Parsons, who said he wants to build the best golf clubs in the world. The company has been making waves in the golf industry as it has emerged as one of the most expensive brands in golf. Its putters cost upwards of $500 each and its drivers cost around $3,000.

Stock Grip putter review

The PXG Stock Grip putter is the first of its kind, a one-piece milled putter that has been designed in collaboration with PING. The Stock Grip putter features a classic shape and feel, with a short blade length and a thin top line that makes it easy to align. The face features a white alignment stripe, which helps golfers focus on the true target line. The Stock Grip putter is available in two models: Stock Grip Putter This model features an oversized head with a classic shape and feel. It’s made from 303 stainless steel and has a black finish to help reduce glare on the greens. The Stock Grip Putter comes standard with our Tour-proven True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel shaft.

This shaft was designed to deliver more feel and consistency than any other steel shaft on the market today. It’s also available in two lengths: 38″ or 40″. Stock Grip S Putter The Stock Grip S was designed for golfers who prefer a shorter shaft length and larger hitting area when chipping or pitching from close range. It features our Tour-proven True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel shaft (standard length is 34″) for added forgiveness around the green.


The PXG 006 Damascus Putter is one of the most advanced putters on the market and can be yours for $299.99. The PXG 006 Damascus Putter features a classic shape with a rounded heel-toe and slight blade that moves into a traditional blade profile at the end of the clubface. The high-density tungsten insert on the sole helps to lower your center of gravity, allowing you to make more consistent contact with your ball. The face is also made from titanium, which helps reduce spin and provides some added forgiveness on mis-hits. The putter also features an undercut groove at the front of the sole that allows you to see where your hands are positioned throughout your stroke.

This allows you to improve your alignment and consistency, even if you’re not sure what’s causing your errant shots — it could be hand position or alignment issues that need fixing. Specs putter review Milled from stainless steel, this putter has a clean look with no distractions or gimmicks – just good looks and performance.


The PXG 0111 may be the most expensive putter on the market, but it also happens to be one of the best. The club features a classic shape that is reminiscent of some of the better-known models in golf history, including Ping’s Anser-style mallet. But the design doesn’t stop there; it also includes a unique new head shape that supposedly allows for more consistent distance control and feel. The head is made from PXG’s proprietary steel alloy, which has been finished with an attractive damascus pattern that is meant to improve durability while also reducing glare.

As with all PXG clubs, the 0111 comes in three different weights (350 grams, 375 grams and 400 grams) so you can choose one that feels best in your hands. The clubhead has a deep undercut cavity behind the face, which helps add forgiveness and consistency to every shot you hit. It also has an adjustable hosel that lets you tweak loft up or down by up to 2 degrees at each end of its range (8 degrees max). One thing we really like about this putter is how forgiving it is off-center hits. The large sweet spot makes it easy for even novice players to get consistent results on their shots.


PXG Steelhead XR1 Putter The Steelhead XR1 is the most popular model of PXG putters. It features a head design that blends the classic blade look with modern touches to produce a subtle yet elegant look. The high-gloss finish gives it an expensive look, but it also makes it more difficult to clean and maintain. The face is made from 304 stainless steel to ensure consistent contact and feel. The edge-to-edge consistency will help you improve your putting stroke, but if you’re looking for something more forgiving, then this might not be the best option for you. The face insert is made from tungsten steel and its weighting system helps create more stability during impact so that shots fly true towards the hole on every occasion.

This is done by using different weights in different areas of the putter head so that they are not all located in one place like other models do. PXG Steelhead XR1 Putter Review Pros: – Solid feel when striking the ball – The weighting system ensures solid contact on every shot.

The Verdict Of PXG Damascus Putter

Although the best PXG Putter is still the Battle Ready Brandon Putter, the PXG Damaskus putter is a unique looking putter that has a lot of technology backing it up. The face of the putter is steel and the back is titanium, which gives it a really nice feel when you hit the ball. The design of this putter is very different than any other putter on the market. It has an offset design with a large face and deep grooves that help reduce spin off the face. This helps make sure that your ball goes where you want it to go when you hit it.

To make sure that your ball will go where you want it to go, there are two alignment aids on the top of this club head: one on each side of the ball. These are made out of soft rubber so they won’t damage anything if they get caught up on something. They also have several small dots on them to help with alignment as well. This club head is also designed with weighting in mind so that every golfer can find something that works for them no matter what kind of shot they need to make on the course.


The PXG damascus putter is best in class and should be paired with the most discriminating of golfers. The craftsmanship is essentially flawless, making this the most unique product available to discerning golfers. It incorporates advanced design elements creating a product that performs on many different levels. Price is where this product may make or break a purchase. A price tag of $1,150 will price out the majority of players looking for an advanced tour quality putter. However, for those that can swing the cost, the PXG damascus is a great buy for anyone looking for the ultimate in truer roll technology and feel performance.