PXG Drone Putter Review: Pro, Con and The Verdict

It’s not easy to write a comprehensive review about the PXG Drone Putter. Clearly, it’s a great putter. But how good is it compared to other putters in its category? How does it compare to other PING putters? And what about other brands? The Drone came out of nowhere and captured my (and many others’) imagination immediately after it was launched.

If you’re going to be putting a lot of money into a game-changing technology, you want it to be good right? You want it to be useful, effective, and have the ability to improve your game. That’s what people thought about the PXG Drone Putter. Not only that but they felt normal putters just weren’t cutting it anymore. The drone was the answer to all their problems but do they live up to the hype? Is this a waste of money or a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about improving your game? Here is our PXG Drone Putter review.

PXG Drone Putter Review

PXG Drone Putter

The PXG Drone putter is a mallet style putter with a deep face and large profile. The Drone is designed to be extremely forgiving and promote a high ball flight. The Drone has a very large heel-toe weighting that helps it track straight and provides stability at impact. The Drone comes in the standard PXG head shape, but with a larger footprint than the typical PXG head. The Drone uses an extremely soft insert (50 grams) which makes it very easy to hit from any lie. The Drone also comes stock with PXG’s “Soft Feel” grip which is one of my favorite grips on the market today.

This PXG putter has a unique and innovative design like the PXG irons.

  • The Drone has been designed to eliminate the inconsistencies in stroke mechanics which can cause poor putting. 
  • he Drone is a unique and innovative design that is unlike any other. It has been designed to eliminate the inconsistencies in stroke mechanics which can cause poor putting.
  • The Drone has a unique head shape, which allows it to move smoothly on the green and roll true. This means that even if you don’t hit it perfectly, there will be no deviation from line or speed.
  • This allows you to focus on your alignment, which can really help if you struggle with alignment or feel uncomfortable when putting.
  • It also helps with target practice because you are able to see exactly where your ball will land without having to look at where your ball is going after impact. 
  • It has tackiness and cushion where you need it, but isn’t too soft or tacky that you feel like you’re going to lose control of your shot. 

PXG Drone Putter looks

The PXG drone putter looks like a blade putter, but it’s not. The head is made of graphite and surrounded by a thin layer of aluminum. The shaft is made of steel and has a rounded head to make it easier to grab. The grip is built into the shaft and can’t be removed.

The Drone has a very distinctive look, with a large head and wide, flat sole that gives it a unique feel. When I first picked up the Drone, I was struck by how light it felt in my hands — even though it’s made from titanium and steel. That’s because PXG has done a lot of work on their face milling process so that the Drone can have an extremely thin top line (where the face meets the top edge).

PXG Drone Putter feel

The PXG Drone Putter is the most innovative and unique putter I’ve ever played. It’s not a traditional blade design, but rather an all-new shape. The Drone’s face is significantly wider than the heel and toe of the club, which is what gives it its unique look.

The Drone has a very solid feel when you strike it properly, and it feels like it gives you more control over your distance control than any other putter design out there right now. It just feels like the ball stays on line longer with this club than with anything else.

This isn’t the type of club that you will want to use if you have trouble controlling your distance or are looking for something that helps you get up-and-down from long distances because it doesn’t have much help in those areas. But if all you need is a reliable flatstick, then this is definitely worth a try!

PXG Drone Putter performance

The PXG Drone Putter is designed to help golfers who struggle with distance control or putting consistency. It’s a high-MOI mallet that features a new face material called “Fusion Core” and an adjustable hosel.

It’s also available in two different head sizes: D3 (smaller) and D4 (larger). In our tests we found that the Drone had a slightly higher MOI than its competitors (MOI stands for moment of inertia, which is essentially how much momentum you need to overcome before you start moving the head). This means that it felt very stable at impact, especially on off-center strikes. We also noted that it was quite difficult to get any appreciable spin from this club during our testing period.

The club is available in two models: The standard Drone Putter ($299) and the Drone Tour ($349). Both feature the same look, but differ in terms of loft and lie angle (standard is 2 degrees open and tour is 1 degree closed).

PXG Drone Putter pros

Major Pros:

  1. The putter is very easy to line up and get on line. In fact, it can be said that the Drone is one of the most intuitive putters to aim and align with the target line.
  2. It has a very low profile which makes it easy to see and aim.
  3. The Drone has a very solid feel that inspires confidence at address and on the stroke.
  4. The Drone is also very stable at impact, which makes it reliable when you need to trust your stroke in pressure situations. 
  5. The Drone offers a lot of forgiveness for off-center hits because of its low center of gravity and wide sole design.

More Pros:

  • The Drone is a very good putter. It’s got a great feel, it’s easy to align and it flies straight.
  • The Drone has a good amount of MOI, but not so much that you have to be super accurate with your stroke and aim.
  • The Drone is a surprisingly versatile putter. Even though it’s designed as a Tour-only disc, the Drone can handle more than just short putts. 
  • The Drone also performs well when you’re trying to hit tight fairways or play long approach shots into greens with hard pin positions.

PXG Drone Putter cons

The PXG Drone putter is a very good putter, but there are a few cons that we need to address. The first and most important con is that the Drone does not have a sightline on the sole. This makes it difficult for some golfers to see exactly where they’re hitting their putts from behind the ball.

Another con of the Drone is that it has a very thin blade with no offset. This means that if you have any issues with your grip, this may not be the best putter for you.

Finally, we would like to address our biggest concern about the Drone – its price tag! This may not be an issue for some golfers, but it could be a huge turn off for others who don’t want to spend $200+ on a new putter… especially when there are other excellent choices out there at much lower prices.

Overall though if you’re looking for an affordable blade option with zero offset then the PXG Drone should definitely be considered!

Where to buy the PXG Drone Putter?

The PXG Drone putter is available at the company’s website, as well as through retailers like The Golf Warehouse and Golfsmith. The putter retails for $999, which is a hefty price tag for a putter. But for those who want to try a high-performance game-improvement model, it might be worth considering the cost. 

The PXG Drone putter comes with a shaft that is eight inches long and can be used with a variety of different heads, including the Drone head. The Drone putter has a loft of 12 degrees, which is similar to other PXG models. The Drone putter also comes with a bag that includes an umbrella-style stand and an arm lock for easy storage. The bag also includes a travel cover that keeps it safe when traveling or storing it away at home. The Drone putter is available in several finishes including black, silver, blue and red.

PXG Drone Putter faqs

Q: What is the main difference between PXG Drones and other golf discs?
A: The PXG Drone is an all-new design that gives you complete control over your putt. It flies like a traditional disc, but it also stops on a dime when you need to putt with precision. This allows you to make more birdies while maintaining the same level of consistency as before.

Q: What makes the Drone so special?
A: The Drone features a patent-pending center of gravity (CG) technology that allows for precise adjustments in flight path and distance. This means you can now adjust your putter’s flight pattern with just one simple adjustment on the CG screw — no more trying to find the right disc or spending time practicing with different discs until you get it right! In addition, we’ve added our patented “Stability Frame” technology which helps stabilize your release angle so that every throw feels great!

Q: How do I adjust my Drone’s CG?
A: The CG adjustment is located at the back of your Drone where it connects to the shaft. Simply loosen the screw by turning it counterclockwise until it comes out completely, then reposition it where you want it before tightening back down again using.

Q: What are some of the benefits of the PXG drone putter?
A: The PXG drone putter is a revolutionary, but simple to use, putter that can make all of your putts look like it’s on a sheet of ice. The PXG drone putter uses proprietary technology to provide the smoothest putting action in golf and can be used for both professional and amateur golfers.

Q: How does it work?
A: The PXG drone putter uses our proprietary technology to provide you with the smoothest putting action in golf. By combining our new Smart Core Technology with our new ultra-soft polymer face insert, we have created a putting experience unlike any other.

Q: How long will it take me to improve my short game?
A: It depends on your current skill level and how much time you are willing to practice each week. You should see improvement within 1-2 weeks if you practice at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes per session.

Q: What is True Feel Technology (TFT) and how does it affect my short game?
A: True Feel Technology (TFT) is the concept behind our technology platform that allows us to create a consistent feel across all models in our lineup. TFT was developed by engineers at PING who looked at every aspect of construction and design – from weighting to materials and manufacturing processes – to ensure that every product we make delivers on both performance and feel.

The End

In the end, I do like the PXG drone putter. It’s kind of a big deal because it is the first putter I’ve tried which I truly believe is worthy of professional level play. And that says a lot more than anything else I could say here.