Are pxg gen 3 irons still worthy to buy in 2022?

Pxg Gen3 irons are the most popular golf clubs of the pxg series. It is one of the most versatile irons you can find on the market nowadays. The pricing is considered premium so you might think these irons are only meant for professional golfers but if you look at the customers’ reviews, you will find out that amateurs are also satisfied with its performance. In this review article, we will be talking about the product’s features and how it works well with beginners and professionals.

Are PXG GEN 3 Irons Really Good?

The PXG Irons are a new set of irons released by PXG in 2019. They are a replacement for the older PXG GEN 2 iron line and come with an upgraded design, improved head shapes, and a new technology called “Opti-Fit System.” The goal of the Opti-Fit System is to provide better ball speed across all distances, which will help you hit longer shots. The GEN 3 irons are made from 1020 carbon steel that has been heat treated to produce a soft feel behind the ball.

pxg gen 3 irons

These irons have an offset design with large soles and thin top lines that make them look more like blades than traditional players’ irons. The GEN 3s have slightly larger heads than their predecessors, which means they’re going to be more forgiving on off-center hits as well as provide more consistency at impact.

The GEN 3 is designed to be more forgiving than previous models, with a bigger sweet spot and less offset. The face is thinner than previous models, which allows for more ball speed on off-center hits. The GEN 3 irons feature PXG’s new Speed Pocket technology, which was designed to increase ball speed across the face.

Pricing of the PXG GEN 3 Irons

The price for these new irons starts at $4,000 for the 4-iron up to $8,000 for the pitching wedge. But if you’re willing to spend a little more than $5,000 on your set of irons then I can guarantee that you’ll get a product that will last you several years without any problems or maintenance required (except cleaning).

PXG’s GEN 3 irons have been re-engineered with a new face design, thinner topline and a repositioned center of gravity. The result is a better-looking club that performs better than its predecessors. The PXG 0311 irons are available in four lofts: 7-iron through pitching wedge (5-PW). Each iron features the same head shape, but the longer irons have more offset and less mass than their shorter counterparts. The PXG 0311 irons have a 455cc volume head that’s designed to increase ball speed for more distance.

The Diverse Technology Used in the Iron

The Xtreme Face Cup (XFC) increases ball speed off the face and softens mis-hits. It’s a multi-material construction that combines high-strength tungsten toe weights with low-density tungsten heel weights. A softer material on the face allows for a larger sweet spot while providing a more consistent ball flight.

The Speed Pocket increases ball speed across the entire face, while also increasing forgiveness and spin control around the greens. It’s a dual-material construction that combines low-density tungsten near the center of the head with high-density tungsten at its perimeter. The result is an increase in ball speed from all angles with greater consistency on mis-hits. When combined with our proprietary Ultra Thin Face technology, it provides maximum distance with unsurpassed feel and control on every shot you hit!.

The GEN 3’s are designed to be more forgiving than previous models, while still providing plenty of workabilities. They feature a more rounded face and an offset hosel that makes it easier to get the ball up in flight. The clubs also come with a new groove design that helps get the ball airborne faster than ever before. The graphite shafts used on these irons also feature a new design as well as an improved feel at impact.

The Tour Z irons feature the same split sole design as their predecessors, but the cavity has been redesigned to improve ball speeds and launch angle. The club face is a bit larger than previous models to increase forgiveness on off-center hits. The Diverse Technology Used in the Iron The Tour Z driver is built with a 1030 carbon steel face that’s engineered with a variable thickness (VTS) crown to boost ball speed on center hits.

Why Do You Need To Buy This PXG Gen 3 Iron Set In 2022?

The biggest selling point of this set is its forgiveness factor. These irons are extremely forgiving and make it easy to hit shots that most other golfers would miss completely or just barely tap in the green with. There’s nothing worse than hitting a shot that should be easy only to be left with a 30-foot putt when it lands in the bunker instead of on the green like it should have been.

Another great thing about these irons is their consistency from shot to shot; each one feels exactly like all your other shots do, so even if you’re not getting them to land where you want them every time, they’ll still feel natural.

Who Should Use the PXG GEN 3 Irons?

PXG GEN 3 Irons are for the better player who wants to make a step up in their game. They’re for players who want to hit the ball farther and straighter with more consistency. They’re for golfers who want to play with a set of irons that can help them shoot lower scores.

The PXG GEN 3 Irons were designed by former NASA engineer Bob Parsons, who founded the company in 2010. The company’s mission is to create clubs that help golfers get more distance and accuracy from every club in their bag.

The PXG GEN 3 irons are designed for players who want to maximize their distance with minimal effort. The GEN 3 irons have a wide sole, thin top line and thin faces that make it easy to hit the ball high and far. The GEN 3 irons are best suited for golfers who struggle to get the ball airborne and want more forgiveness in their irons.

The GEN 3 also delivers higher launch angles than other PXG models, which makes it ideal for golfers who struggle with low-launch spin rates on their shots. The PXG GEN 3 irons have a wider sole than previous models, which makes them forgiving off the tee and easier to hit out of the rough or bunker.

Who Should Not Use the GEN 3 Irons?

If you struggle with hitting fat shots or slicing the ball, then these clubs might not be for you. You need to have an iron swing that can generate enough club head speed to hit the ball properly.

The PGX irons are designed for golfers who have the power and speed to hit the ball far, but need help with their accuracy. If you are a player who struggles to control your distance, or if you tend to slice or hook your shots, then this is not the club for you.


With the right set of irons, golfers can maximize the distance and control of their shots. A spiral-grooved iron with a forged clubhead produces a soft feel, while a cast iron with cavity backs and grooves produces more spin. Along with their overall design, each iron is made from high-quality steel that allows for increased precision in striking shots from any position on the course.