PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 3: The Key Differences Golf Club

PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen 3

When it comes to golf clubs, PXG is a name that every golfer knows. It has been delivering top-quality golf clubs with unmatched performance for years. Recently, it has launched its latest series, the PXG Gen 6, which has created a buzz among golf enthusiasts worldwide. However, the question is, PXG Gen 6 Vs Gen … Read more

PXG Gen5 vs Gen3 irons: The key differences and which to buy?

PXG Gen5 vs Gen3 irons: PXG Gen5 vs Gen3 irons: Golfers are always looking for the next game-changing equipment to help them maximize their potential on the course. And in golf, there is no more game-changing equipment than an iron set. PXG Gen3 irons overview PXG’s new line of Gen3 irons are some of the … Read more

PXG Gen4 Golf Clubs Overview and Comparison: Gen 4 vs Gen 5 vs Gen 3

PXG Gen4 golf clubs are the 2021 release from the PXG golf brand. These clubs are designed to provide golfers with the best possible performance on the golf course. PXG GEN4 clubs are made with the latest technology and materials, and they are crafted to provide golfers with the ultimate in performance. PXG GEN4 clubs … Read more

Are pxg gen 3 irons still worthy to buy in 2022?

Pxg Gen3 irons are the most popular golf clubs of the pxg series. It is one of the most versatile irons you can find on the market nowadays. The pricing is considered premium so you might think these irons are only meant for professional golfers but if you look at the customers’ reviews, you will … Read more