PXG Gen5 Irons Review|Are they the best pxg golf clubs to buy?

The PXG Gen5 irons are the latest and greatest from PXG (otherwise known as Precious Metal Golf). With each new version of the pxg irons, there’s always a lot of anticipation about what features will be added and improved. In this pxg golf clubs review, I’ll cover all of the top features that I think separates the PXG Gen 5 irons from other high-end clubs.

The Introduction of PXG Gen 5 Irons

PXG has introduced its fifth generation of irons, which it claims are more forgiving than previous models. PXG says the Gen5 irons have been designed to be more forgiving and launch higher than previous generations. The new irons also have a larger sweet spot, which the company says produces more consistent distance on mishits.

The Gen5 irons have a multi-material construction with a carbon fiber body and titanium sole plate. The company says this helps improve feel, distance control and durability.

These new PXG irons feature high-performance gear that is engineered to give you the best experience on the course. The PXG Gen5 Irons are designed to maximize distance, speed and accuracy to help you hit more greens in regulation.

The PXG Gen 5 Irons are engineered for faster ball speeds with more forgiveness for better distance and consistency across the face. The improved aerodynamics create more speed, which leads to higher launch angles and longer carry distances. PXG Gen5 irons set comes with 3 different lofts (3-9) so players can customize their set based on their needs and preferences.

The design and technology behind PXG Gen5 Irons

PXG Gen5 irons

PXG’s new Gen5 irons represent a significant change in the company’s iron design. The changes are not merely cosmetic, either. For example, PXG has added weight to its long irons (4-iron through pitching wedge) to make them more forgiving on mis-hits.

The PXG Gen5 irons also feature a new face design that provides more ball speed on shots struck low on the face. This helps produce high launch and low spin for longer distance while still providing workable spin rates on mishits. The company says these improvements were made possible by using a proprietary steel alloy called “Pure Launch Steel.”

Unlike previous generations of PXG irons, which had stainless steel heads, the Gen5 models feature face inserts made from Pure Launch Steel and carbon fiber composite material in the rear cavity area. This combination allows for better feel at impact without sacrificing forgiveness or distance control.

New features of PXG Gen5 Irons

The PXG Gen5 irons are a new generation of the company’s popular line of golf clubs, which were released earlier this year.

The new irons feature a few key improvements over their predecessors, including a new face design. The company says that the new faces are thinner and lighter than those on previous models, which allows for more ball speed and distance.

In addition to the thinner face design, PXG also claims that the new Gen5 irons have been redesigned from top to bottom to deliver more distance than ever before.

New features include:

  • Thinner face design for more ball speed
  • More forgiving lofts (1-iron through 7-iron)
  • Increased moment of inertia (MOI)

Performance testing on PXG Gen5 Irons

The PXG Gen5 iron series is a big improvement over the previous version. The lofts are more consistent and the ball speeds are higher. Most importantly, the launch conditions have improved significantly. The trajectory is higher and flatter with less spin, making them a great option for golfers looking to add distance without sacrificing accuracy.

Launch Conditions:

The PXG Gen5 irons have a very high launch angle (19 degrees) with minimal spin (1300 rpm). This combination produces a very high ball flight that carries a long distance before landing softly on the green. With less spin off the clubface, you can expect higher scores from these clubs because they’re easier to hit consistently than most other irons in this category.

Ball Speed:

The PXG Gen5 irons have an average ball speed of 130 mph with an average total distance of 244 yards from impact. These numbers are slightly higher than those achieved by most manufacturers’ standard game improvement irons (including TaylorMade’s Aeroburner), which means that these clubs will be easier for you to hit consistently than other options available today.

Price of the PXG Gen5 Irons

The PXG Gen5 irons are the new range of irons from PXG, which have been developed by Richard and Bob Parsons. The new line-up includes a set of forged irons, and another set of cast irons.

PXG have also released a hybrid club, called the Xtra-Loft. The prices for these clubs start at $399 for the forged irons, and go up to $1,999 for the Xtra Loft Hybrid.

What are the best PXG Gen 5 Irons?

PXG 0311 Gen5 irons

The PXG Gen 5 Irons are the latest iteration of the company’s iron line. The irons are available in a variety of lofts and lie angles, but all have the same standard shaft length and lie angle. For those who love the feel of a forged iron, but want more forgiveness and consistency, these are the best irons for you.

The PXG 0411X Gen 5 Iron is the company’s most forgiving iron it’s ever made. The club has a high heel-to-toe weighting that helps square the face at impact, which promotes a higher launch angle and more distance than with other irons. The iron also features a multi-thickness face that provides more forgiveness on off-center hits.

The PXG 0311X Gen 5 Iron features an undercut cavity design that eliminates digging behind the ball at impact while also increasing MOI (moment of inertia) for greater stability through impact. This helps promote more consistent ball speeds across the face that makes this club extremely versatile from any lie and loft setting.

The PXG 0311 Gen5 irons

PXG 0311P Gen5 irons specs

PXG Gen 5 irons

PXG 0311T Gen5 irons specs

PXG 0311XP Gen5 irons specs

PXG Gen 5 irons

The PXG 0311 Gen5 irons are the newest version of PXG’s best-selling iron! They are also the most forgiving, best-performing irons in the company’s line!

The biggest difference between this set and its predecessors is the use of what PXG calls an “Apex” sole design. It’s meant to improve forgiveness by lowering the center of gravity (CG) and increasing forgiveness through a wider sole width. The Apex sole also allows for an increase in offset compared to previous iterations of the 0311 iron design, but it doesn’t feel like you’re hitting off-center when you do so.

The new 0311 Gen5 irons have been redesigned to improve distance and forgiveness, while maintaining the precision that made PXG famous. The new irons feature a wider sole with deeper grooves, larger face inserts and a repositioned center of gravity to produce more speed and launch angle.

The 0311 Gen5 irons will be available in three models: Tour play, Tour performance and Tour/GM. The Tour play models feature a thinner face (1mm) with a higher moment of inertia (MOI), while the Tour performance models have a slightly thicker face (1.5mm) with a lower MOI for better feel around the green. The GM model has an even thicker face (2mm) for better players looking for more control around the greens and on full shots.

New features include:

  • They feature a new Speed Pocket that’s designed to reduce spin on shots struck low on the face, which helps golfers get more distance out of their shots. The face is also made thinner than previous models, which makes it easier for golfers to hit the sweet spot on shots struck anywhere on the face.
  • They have a deep undercut channel in their soles that improves turf interaction and helps improve performance when hitting from soft lies or tight lies around the green.
  • They are made from 1025 carbon steel and feature a new face design that looks like it was borrowed from TaylorMade’s SLDR line. The bottom of each iron features a wide sole, which PXG says increases forgiveness on off-center hits.

Are PXG Gen 5 Irons the best golf clubs?

The PXG Gen 5 Irons are the best golf clubs for most of us. PXG is a relatively new golf club manufacturer, but the company has quickly made a name for itself. The company’s first product was introduced in 2013 and since then it has gone on to become one of the most popular and sought-after brands in the industry.

At first glance, you might think these PXG Gen5 Irons are just another set of high-end irons. But when you pick them up and swing them, it’s clear that they’re something special. The feel of them is unlike anything else I’ve ever swung, and the performance is fantastic.

The best part? They aren’t limited to just pros, or even serious golfers who want to improve their game. With great looks and a price that won’t break your bank account, these are great clubs for just about anyone who wants to step up their game on the course.

The End

If you’re looking for the best pxg golf clubs to buy, then you may want to consider investing in a set of these gen 5 irons. They’re known for their great performance and durability, which is why so many professional golfers have switched over to using them. If you’re undecided whether or not they’re the right choice for you, I suggest checking out some of the customer reviews on Amazon to get an idea of what others are saying.