PXG k3 putter review – The Perfect putter?

Putter Review: The PXG K3 Putter is a precision-crafted, high MOI mallet with a classic shape. The K3 is designed to help golfers achieve straighter and more consistent strokes. It features a 3-piece construction that increases its stability at impact, while also reducing vibration. The face is made of 304 stainless steel and has a unique 11-cut milling pattern that creates an extremely soft feel at impact.

PXG K3 Putter review

putter review

The K3 also features an adjustable hosel to make loft adjustments from 1 degree to 2 degrees. The PXG K3 is a high performance putter that offers many benefits for golfers looking for straighter and more consistent strokes. The K3 features a 3-piece construction design that increases stability at impact and reduces vibration for an incredibly soft feel.

The face is made of 304 stainless steel which gives it great feel and sound at impact. The 11-cut milling pattern on the face provides shots that are incredibly straight without any skidding issues or tendencies to push the ball off line after contact has been made with the ball.

The unique adjustable hosel allows you to adjust your lie angle from 1 degree up to 2 degrees; this feature allows you to experiment with different lie angles.


If you’re a golf fan, the name PXG needs no introduction. But if you aren’t, here’s a quick primer: The company is the brainchild of Bob Parsons, the billionaire founder of GoDaddy and a self-professed golf nut. Parsons has been in the golf equipment business for years, but it wasn’t until he started working with legendary club designer Alan Poul that his products began to get serious attention.

Poul’s work with Callaway Golf and Ping has been widely acclaimed, but he left both companies to join Parsons in creating PXG. Their first product was a driver that featured an adjustable hosel that allowed the golfer to adjust loft by up to 2 degrees without having to change shafts or re-shaft their clubs.

Since then, PXG has released several other products including PXG irons, wedges and now putters. Their latest offering is called the K3 putter ($289). It’s designed with three major benefits in mind: stability (more feedback through impact), forgiveness (less effort needed for consistent results) and sound/feel (more solid feel).

The K3 comes in two models: Standard (our review model) and Tour Edition ($329). 


The K3 is PXG’s most popular putter. It comes in three different head shapes and two lengths, with adjustable weights. Its sole is clean, with a small amount of milled copper on its face. The face is slightly open for a high-MOI design, and it has a flat surface to prevent rolling.

The K3 has been around for a while now but it still remains one of the best putters on the market. I’ve always been a fan of PXG’s designs, but what really attracted me to this putter was how well it performed during testing. The K3’s face is designed to promote forward roll so that you can get the ball up quickly on the green if necessary without worrying about catching an edge or having any kind of bounce off the front of the clubhead.

This doesn’t mean it’s not capable of getting backspin like other blades — I was able to generate plenty using my normal stroke — it just means that it’s not something that comes naturally with this design. The K3 also has a very high MOI (moment of inertia) which means that even though there aren’t any weights in the heel or toe, you still get some forgiveness from mishits because there’s more.


PXG is known for its use of technology to create the best golf clubs, and the PXG k3 putter is no exception. The company says that it has used “a new proprietary design and manufacturing process” to create a putter that has “perfection in mind.” The PXG k3 putter comes in three variations: Tour Blade, Tour Scotty and Tour Edge. All three feature a high-MOI design with a perimeter weighting system that allows for more consistent distance control. But the differences between the three models are what separate them from one another. Tour Blade features a sleek, streamlined shape with minimal offset and a medium-sized head at 33 millimeters. It also offers adjustable shaft length up to 40 inches and an adjustable lie angle up to 2 degrees.

Its chassis is made of titanium, while its face insert is made of tungsten steel to provide added forgiveness at impact. The Tour Blade also comes with a matching headcovers (pictured) and bag tag that are embossed with PXG’s signature “Tech Control” pattern along with your name or initials (up to 10 characters).


“The K3 is the best putter I’ve ever had,” said three-time Masters champion and PXG CEO Bubba Watson. “It’s got everything. It’s got the feel, it’s got the look and it’s got the performance.” Watson was the first person to hit a ball with a PXG club, so there may be no higher endorsement than that. He also said that he would never switch back to another brand of putter after using the K3 — and he has stuck with it ever since. The K3 is made from steel, which gives it quite a bit of weight behind each swing (the head weighs about 360 grams). This might seem like an odd choice for a putter, but it allows for more forgiveness on mis-hits and helps you line up your shot more easily.


One of the most common questions I get from golfers is, “What’s the best putter?” There are a lot of factors that go into answering that question. It depends on your skill level, your clubhead speed and launch conditions, what kind of greens you play, and so on. But if there was one putter that could be considered “the best,” it would have to be PXG’s K3 putter. The K3 is designed for players who prefer a blade-style flatstick with a square face.

It has a slightly wider sole than most blades and minimal offset. The weight is located low and back in the head (which makes it feel heavier than it actually is) so you can get some nice toe hang going on during your stroke without sacrificing stability or forgiveness. In my experience, the K3 has been an absolute joy to play with — especially when putting uphill or downhill into firm conditions. It gives me confidence when I need it most and allows me to focus more on my line rather than worrying about hitting fat shots over and over again (which happens more often than you think when playing in windy conditions).

Feel and sound

For those of you who are not familiar with the PXG line of irons and putters, they are made in Scottsdale, Arizona by Paul, Vokey and MacNeil. The company was founded by Bob Parsons, a billionaire who made his fortune in the internet advertising business. He has invested millions into making the best equipment possible for golfers. The K3 putter is not just a great looker. It also feels great and sounds great. The sound is something I noticed right away when I hit my first few shots with it.

The putter head seems to have more mass than other clubs and produces a louder sound when it strikes the ball. This may seem silly but it helps me focus on striking the ball properly because my brain knows that it will make more noise if I hit it too hard or off-center than if I hit it perfectly centered on the face.

The feel of this club is fantastic as well. When you take your address position and start to swing through the ball, you immediately know that something special is about to happen! The feedback you get from hitting this club is unlike any other putter I have ever used before!


If you’re looking for the perfect putter, you’ve come to the right place. PXG has been making waves in the golf industry with its unique and innovative approach to golf club design. The company is best known for its high-end irons, drivers and wedges, but it also offers a line of putters that are designed for maximum performance and low-spin performance. The PXG k3 is one of their most popular models, but is it worth the high price tag? We decided to find out. The biggest feature of this putter is its adjustability. The face angle can be adjusted by up to two degrees in both directions, which should give you plenty of options to find your ideal setting.

Material: The K3 uses a carbon composite material to make it lightweight and stiff enough for more consistent alignment. It also has a softer feel than traditional metal putters thanks to its polymer insert on the back of the face. Feel: The ball comes off the face with a very soft feel thanks to its polymer insert and composite materials. There’s no denying that this is one of the best feeling clubs on the market today! 

Performance compared to others

The PXG k3 putter is the latest offering from the PXG line of clubs. It has been designed to help golfers with their putting and the way they think about their stroke. The k3 putter is designed to be an extension of your arm so that you can swing it like a pendulum. With this type of thinking, you’re not worried about making contact with the ball, but instead are focusing on making sure that your body is aligned correctly and that you’re swinging on the plane. This eliminates any chance of mis-hits or mishits, which should help players improve their consistency.

The k3 putter features two unique technologies: The face insert is made from a proprietary material called “Tungsten Ceramic” (TCC) which not only helps reduce spin but also increases MOI (moment of inertia), making it more forgiving on shots struck off-center. The second technology is called “Throttle Slotting Technology” which also helps reduce spin and increase MOI by changing the center of gravity where it needs to be for each shot type (approach shot vs full swing vs chipping).

Value for money

The PXG k3 putter is the newest addition to the PXG line up of golf clubs. The K3 is designed to be the best performing putter in the world, and it does not disappoint. The PXG K3 has a few features that make it stand out from other putters out there. The first thing you’ll notice about the club is its looks. It’s beautiful! The K3 comes in several different colors, but we chose black because it looks sleek and professional on the course. It also has a nice weight to it (about 360 grams) which makes for a smooth roll off the face. The grip is soft and comfortable so you won’t feel like your hands are going to fall off after chipping or putting all day long! We also love how forgiving this putter is – even if you don’t hit it perfectly straight, it still goes straight with little to no effort on our part.

This makes it easier to get those quick taps into the hole when time is running short at the end of a round or tournament! If you’re looking for a high-end putter that will help improve your game, then look no further than PXG.

Who is the PXG K3 Putter for?

Who is the PXG K3 putter for? The PXG K3 putter is designed with a slightly larger face size than most other models in order to make it easier for players to align their balls. This could be an advantage for players who struggle with alignment and need a larger face to help them see their target line clearly.

If you’re looking for a high-quality putter that offers incredible performance, then the PXG K3 may be the right choice for you. It has several unique features that make it stand out from the competition, including: A custom milled 303 stainless steel body with a soft satin finish. This gives the clubhead a sleek look and feel while also helping it retain its shape after repeated impacts on the green. A deep undercut cavity design which provides added forgiveness by lowering the center of gravity (CG) of the putter head and increasing moment of inertia (MOI). This helps prevent off-center strikes from sending your ball flying off course or rolling too far past your intended target line on short putts.

An adjustable hosel that allows golfers of all skill levels to adjust lofts between 8-12 degrees and lie angle between 70°-75° depending.

Is it still worthy to buy nowadays?

The putter is the most important club in your bag, and it’s all about feeling. You can’t hit a good putt with a putter you don’t like. That’s why there are so many styles of putters on the market today — because there are so many different types of players and different preferences for how each individual wants their putter to feel. For some players, their ideal putter will have a certain weight, lie angle and length that feels perfect in their hands.

More traditional blade-style mallets are designed to help golfers improve their alignment. Mallet-style wedges designed to improve impact consistency at all distances from 40 yards in — including those crucial five feet away from the pin where most balls end up left short of the hole anyway! Both models feature some pretty cool technology that makes them stand out from other clubs on the market today.


The story of PXG begins with Will and Dave Arbogast, who are both engineers from Kansas City. They became friends while attending a conference, and they both had the same desire of creating something new—so they decided to work together. Today, PXG offers a wide range of innovative clubs like the k3 putter. At this time the company is still growing, and its goal is always to improve its on-course offerings and expand into new markets in hopes of providing customers with the most unique performance-driven equipment.