PXG mallet putter cover review: is it worthy to buy?

The PXG mallet putter cover has been covered by the material which has high elasticity and durability, the weight and texture are firm, and look pretty nice. In comparison with the traditional material, it will have more advantages at performance and price.

Does the PXG mallet putter cover fit other putters?

PXG mallet putter cover

The PXG mallet putter cover is made from a soft silicone material that fits snugly over the clubhead. It has a raised lip around the perimeter of the putter face, which helps keep dirt and debris out of the grooves. The PXG mallet putter is different from PXG irons, it is designed for use with the company’s X-Series mallets and feel-type wedges. However, it also fits other models from other manufacturers. The fact that it comes in multiple colors makes it easy to find one that matches your personal taste. 

The mallet putter cover fits any standard-sized putter. You can check the size of your putter with the chart below: The PXG mallet putter cover is made from a high-quality material that’s not only durable but also comfortable to use. It comes in two color options, black and gray, so you can choose one that matches your style. You can also wash it in a machine without worrying about fading or losing its shape. The putter cover is designed to provide maximum protection for your golf club while keeping it safe from scratches and damages during storage or transportation.

Why the PXG mallet putter headcover is different than the rest?

The PXG mallet putter headcover is a unique and innovative product. It is not just a cover, but also has the function of protecting your club. Its material and design of it make it stand out from the rest. The first thing that you will notice when you take it out of the box is its weight.

It feels like a rock in your hand! This is because it is made from high-quality materials, giving it great durability and strength. Another feature that makes this putter headcover so special is its bold look and design. You can tell that PXG has spent a lot of time researching this product before launching it into the market.

The PXG mallet putter headcovers are different. They are made from high-quality material, and they have a nice look to them. From the moment you get them in your hands, you can feel that they are durable and well-made. It’s not only about their durability; it’s also about their functionality. The PXG mallet putter headcover is made with a magnetic closure system that allows you to open and close the cover with ease. This is a great benefit because it allows you to quickly access your favorite club without having to struggle with opening or closing the hatchet-style cover. Another great thing about this cover is that it comes in different colors so that you can choose the one that best matches your preferences.

PXG mallet putter cover review

The PXG mallet putter cover by Ping is made from a thick layer of leather that protects your mallet putter from getting damaged or scratched when not in use. The leather used in making this cover is very good and durable, so it will last for years without any problem at all.

The stitching on this product is done perfectly well and there are no loose threads anywhere on it, so there won’t be an issue with its strength or durability either. The color of this product is one of the best things about it because it looks amazing with almost all types of mallets out there on the market right now!.

Leather vs. synthetic leather

Leather is the most expensive material for a golf bag. This material is long lasting and durable. However, it can be costly than the synthetic leather. In addition to this, leather is also comfortable to touch and use. It is also easier to clean than synthetic leather as it absorbs moisture easily and dries quickly. Synthetic leather has been introduced recently in the market of golf bags. It has many advantages over leather including its lightweight and durability features. The synthetic leather can be cleaned using any cleaning solution or liquid that removes any dirt from it. Moreover, synthetic leather will never get damaged by water or moisture as compared to leather which can get damaged easily if exposed to water or moisture for a long time period.

This PXG mallet putter cover is made with nylon fabric that makes it easy for you to carry your golf club wherever you go along with you. The nylon fabric is extremely light in weight which makes this product easy to carry around without causing any trouble for you while carrying it on your shoulders or hands during travel time or golfing time.

Synthetic leather also stretches less than real leather when you use it over time which means you don’t have to worry about your putter cover losing its shape or size over time. There are many other advantages of using synthetic materials over leather. They are easier to clean than real leather putter covers because they don’t absorb water as much as real leather does so mold and mildew cannot grow easily on them if they get wet by accident or rainwater falls on them accidentally while playing golf.

Side pocket

Side pocket putter cover review The Side Pocket is a unique mallet putter cover that allows you to carry your putter like a club. It has a special compartment that holds the grip of your putter and keeps it from getting dirty or damaged. This product is designed for people who play golf on a regular basis and need to protect their expensive equipment from the elements and other hazards. It’s perfect for those who want to carry their putters around in their car or truck without worrying about them being damaged by dirt, rocks, and other debris. The Side Pocket attaches easily to the shaft of your putter with an elastic band that goes around the end of the shaft.

This keeps it in place while you’re carrying it around but doesn’t interfere with putting it at all when you get on the course The side pocket has a zipper where you can store extra balls, tees, and even towels inside so everything is right there when you need it during play Pros: Available in two colors (black or blue) Protects your club from damage while carrying it around outside of playtime.

If you have an inferior putter, then you will struggle with your putting game and miss many easy shots that could have been made easier had you had better equipment in your hands. If you want a high-quality putter but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, then it may be worth checking out PXG mallet putter cover by Ping. This is an excellent option for those who want quality without paying an arm and leg for it!.

Zipper or magnetic closure

A lot of people prefer the zipper because it’s easier to put on and take off. The magnetic closure is great for those who don’t want to worry about losing their cover or having it fall off while they are playing. Weight The weight of the cover is important because it affects how long your club will be in the bag before you take it out again. If you have a light cover, it might not stay on as long as a heavier one would.

The putter cover from PXG is a premium product that can be used to protect your putter from scratches and dents. It also makes the club look better and keeps it clean for a long time. The cover also helps to keep the putter warm, especially if you’re living in cold areas. The PXG mallet putter cover is made of a high-quality material that’s waterproof and breathable.

Weight – how heavy is the product?

The PXG Mallet Putter Cover is a lightweight product, weighing only 2.9 ounces. The PXG Mallet Putter Cover has a classic design with a simple yet functional design, making it easy to use and carry around. The cover features a small pouch on its back to hold your golf balls, as well as an adjustable strap for more comfort. The PXG Mallet Putter Cover is designed for all mallets putters which come with a head size of 35 inches and longer.

The PXG Mallet Putter Cover is a heavy product. It weighs around 1 pound and has dimensions of 10 x 4 x 4 inches. It has a soft inner lining that protects the putter from scratches and dents. The cover is made up of two layers of leather which are stitched together to form a firm outer layer. The outer leather layer is a very sturdy material that can withstand any kind of weather conditions without getting damaged or cracked. The inner lining is made up of soft fabric that absorbs any shock while hitting the ball. The cover comes in three different colors – black, white, and red.

Fitting quality

A fitting quality putter cover is the perfect cover for your putter. It is made of the finest quality materials and is handcrafted in the USA. The Fitting quality putter cover comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can choose the one that matches your taste. It can protect your putter from scratches, dents, nicks, and cracks while keeping it clean and looking its best.

This product has great ratings from buyers on Amazon.com. The majority of them were very satisfied with their purchase and said that they would recommend this product to others. One customer said that he loved his new Fitting quality putter cover and that it was made well with high-quality material. He said that it was also easy to install on his putter thanks to its velcro closure strap which made it easy to take off or put back on if needed during a round of golfing or practice at home or at the range before heading out onto the course with friends or family members who were playing alongside each other as part of an outing together as part of an activity meant to build friendships among members of the same family unit by engaging in activities together that could be.

The PXG Mallet Putter Cover is a high-quality product that is meant to protect your putter from damage and protect the head of your putter. This cover is made out of leather, which is a very durable material that will last for years. The quality of this cover is outstanding and will protect your putter from any damage. The PXG Mallet Putter Cover is designed to fit all mallet putters. The leather material used in the construction of this product can stretch up to 2 inches, making it possible for it to fit on different models of putters. The leather used in making this product has been treated with an oil finish so that it does not get damaged easily.

How To Use The PXG Mallet Putter Cover?

The PXG mallet putter cover is very easy to use. This material makes it last longer than other materials used in making putter covers. The PXG mallet putter cover also has a zipper that allows you to access your clubs easily. You can use this golf club cover to protect your clubs from scratches, dents, and dirt. It is also helpful in keeping your clubs organized as well as preventing them from getting lost when laid down on the ground.

The material used is waterproof nylon fabric that is extremely durable and won’t tear easily even after constant use. The best thing about this product is its ability to fit any kind of club head regardless of its shape or size. Therefore, if you have more than one type of clubhead at home, you don’t have to worry about getting another cover as long as they all have the same dimensions as this one!

Another great feature about this product is its ability to offer protection against dirt, debris, and rainwater which can be harmful to your clubs when left unattended for too long.

How to Choose the Best Putter Cover from PXG?

These putter covers from PXG are made from high-quality materials. They are designed to fit into any bag, and they are easy to install. The only problem is that they are a little pricey. However, if you want to get the best putter cover for your money, then these products may be a good option for you. If you’re looking for some of the best putter covers on the market today, then there is no doubt that PXG can be one of your best options. These products come with various features that make them stand out from other brands in the market.

Here are some tips: Quality Construction: One thing that makes this brand different from other brands is its construction quality. All items from this company are made from high-quality materials such as leather and nylon fabric which are very durable and long-lasting. This makes them worth investing in because they will last for many years without showing any signs of wear or tear even if you use them regularly or even every day! Easy Installation: Another advantage of investing in these products is how easy they are to install on your golf bag or cart.

PXG is a very popular brand among professional golfers. This putter cover has been designed with high-quality materials and provides excellent protection against scratches and other damage. It is also very easy to install and remove. And it has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time without affecting your performance negatively in any way. 

This particular model comes with an ergonomic design that allows for better ball control during play as well as in case of rain or other bad weather conditions!


PXG mallet putter cover is made from durable material, offering you long-lasting protection for your putter in any kind of weather. You will find it invaluable when it comes to protecting your club and boosting your confidence during a round! PXG is tuned to provide more consistent and repeatable performance. The technology behind this brand is quite sufficient to provide it with an edge over others. The materials look durable enough to last long and can handle the test of different weather conditions. Overall, those buying the PXG mallet putter cover are worth saving their money for a quality product that can withstand wear and tear.