Pxg Military Discount: Active Duty And Veterans Huge Golf Savings

Attention all active duty military personnel and veterans! Are you an avid golfer looking to elevate your game without breaking the bank? We bring you exciting news of an exclusive opportunity to enjoy substantial savings on top-notch golfing equipment and accessories. With the Pxg Military Discount, you can now take advantage of incredible discounts that will transform your golfing experience.

The Overview of PXG

The Overview of PXG

PXG is a leading company in the golf industry, renowned for its high-performance golf equipment and accessories. The company was founded by Bob Parsons, a passionate golfer, with the aim of creating top-quality gear that enhances players’ performance on the course. PXG offers a wide range of products, including drivers, irons, putters, and apparel, all designed with advanced technology and precision engineering.

What sets PXG apart from other golf brands is its commitment to innovation and customization. Each PXG club is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The company’s engineers constantly push the boundaries of design to maximize distance, accuracy, and feel. Moreover, PXG offers a unique fitting experience where golfers can have their clubs tailored to their specific swing characteristics and preferences. With its focus on quality and personalization, PXG has gained a loyal following among golf enthusiasts worldwide.

What Is PXG Military Discount?

The PXG military discount is a way for the golf retailer to show appreciation and support for military personnel and first responders. As part of the PXG for Heroes program, active duty members and veterans are eligible for special pricing on golf clubs, apparel, and accessories. The discount can range from 50% to 75%, depending on the item and time of the year. This allows service members to save significantly on premium golf equipment.

In addition to the military discount, PXG offers exclusive promotions through the PXG for Heroes program. These promotions run year-round and provide further opportunities for savings. Being a PXG for Heroes member not only grants access to discounted prices but also signifies the connection between the brand and those who have served.

Who Can Receive the PXG Military Discount?

Who Can Receive the PXG Military Discount?

Active-duty military personnel and veterans are eligible for the PXG military discount. Both present and previous service members can only take advantage of a limited number of military discounts. But considering that Parsons Xtreme Golf is a veteran-owned business, it’s hardly shocking that the golf firm would grant such a large discount.

The PXG military discount is therefore accessible to:

  • Inactive Military Service
  • Veterans of War
  • Police Enforcement
  • Firemen
  • EMTs/paramedics
  • 911 Coordinators

Nevertheless, in order to be eligible for the PXG military discount, you must verify service.

How to Get the PXG Military Discount?

To begin your discount, visit the PXG For Heroes homepage and use ID.me for verification. ID.me will return you to the PXG website after your verification.

Check out the dropdown menu for PXG’s nation of residence under the account in the upper right corner. A “Verified Hero: Special Pricing Applies” red tag should be visible to you. From there, you can visit any retail area of the website and find special military discounts marked in red beside the retail price.

Purchase PXG clubs online and use their sophisticated club configurators to personalize your set. Alternatively, you can call us at (1.844.PLAY.PXG) to arrange an in-person fitting with a PXG Fitting Specialist nearby, or you can chat with a PXG Customer Fitting Assistant.

Custom golf club fittings are $50 and are not refundable. To custom-fit golfers for XPG clubs, PXG has a nationwide network of retail and distributor fitting locations. Fittings that are non-refundable cost $50, according to the PXG website.

Typical PXG Heroes Discounts

PXG Heroes Discounts

The PXG Heroes program offers special pricing on the complete line of golf clubs rather than a fixed percentage discount for military members. For instance, eligible individuals can benefit from specific discounts, such as $150 off the new GEN6 Driver and $410 off Gen5 Drivers.

This exclusive offer is extended as a token of appreciation to the dedicated members of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, as well as to Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMTs. By providing substantial savings on premium equipment like the GEN6 and Gen5 Drivers, PXG aims to empower heroes in the sporting arena with their latest, most forgiving driver technologies.


How much of a discount does PXG give to veterans?

PXG does not offer a set percentage discount to veterans. Instead, they provide special pricing on their complete line of golf clubs, including specific discounts on selected models.

How to get a PXG discount?

To access the PXG discount, individuals can visit the PXG For Heroes homepage and verify their military status through ID.me. Once verified, customers will be redirected to the PXG website, where they can see the discounted prices displayed alongside the original retail prices.

Are PXG clubs worth it?

The worthiness of PXG clubs is subjective and depends on individual preferences and needs. However, it’s recommended to try out the clubs and consider personal factors such as skill level, playing style, and budget before making a purchasing decision.

Does Cobra offer a military discount?

Cobra Golf does not offer a military discount.


Embrace the power of the Pxg Military Discount and take your golfing prowess to new heights. Whether you’re an active duty service member or a veteran, this generous offer is your ticket to unlocking unprecedented savings on the best golfing gear available. Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to enhance your game without straining your wallet.