PXG Newly Program With Women: PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle

PXG presents ‘PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle’, a fun and informative series that brings together the worlds of comedy and golf instruction. Hosted by the hilarious comedian Rob Riggle, this program promises to entertain and educate golf enthusiasts, offering expert advice from some of the best female golfers in the world. Read this article to know more details!


PXG Pro Tips program

The “PXG Pro Tips with Rob Riggle” program is a series featuring comedian Rob Riggle, who provides golfing tips and tricks to help improve players’ skills on the course. Rob Riggle, known for his humor and wit, brings a lighthearted and entertaining approach to the world of golf instruction.

Purpose and format of the PXG Pro Tips program

The purpose of the PXG Pro Tips program is to provide valuable insights and techniques to golfers of all skill levels, with the aim of enhancing their performance on the course. The program covers various aspects of the game, including driving, iron shots, chipping, putting, and mental strategies. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and features different professional golfers or industry experts who share their expertise and experiences.

The format of the PXG Pro Tips program typically involves Rob Riggle engaging in comedic banter with the guests while discussing the featured topic. The guests, usually LPGA professionals or renowned golf instructors, demonstrate the techniques and explain the key points to improve one’s game. The program combines informative content with entertainment value, making it enjoyable and engaging for viewers.

“PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle” Program Content

Episode 1: Austin Ernst delivers some quick warm-up techniques and shows Rob Riggle how to get more distance with his driver

In the first episode of “PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle,” LPGA professional Austin Ernst shares some quick warm-up techniques to help improve performance on the golf course. She demonstrates various stretching exercises and recommends focusing on key areas such as the shoulders, hips, and hamstrings.

Ernst then moves on to helping Riggle increase his driver distance. She emphasizes the importance of a proper setup and alignment, as well as generating power through the rotation of the hips and torso. She provides tips on maintaining balance throughout the swing and encourages Riggle to focus on hitting the ball with an upward angle of attack for maximum distance.

Episode 2: Céline Boutier walks Rob through her swing thoughts to achieve better tempo while Yu Sang Hou highlights her pre-round, driving range routine

In the second episode of “PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle,” LPGA professional Céline Boutier guides Riggle on achieving better tempo in his swing. She explains her own swing thoughts and demonstrates how to maintain a smooth and controlled rhythm throughout the swing. Boutier emphasizes the importance of maintaining balance and not rushing the downswing.

Later in the episode, LPGA professional Yu Sang Hou shares her pre-round routine on the driving range. She emphasizes the importance of warming up properly and getting into a focused mindset before heading out onto the course. Hou demonstrates various drills and exercises that help her find her rhythm and build confidence before a round of golf.

Episode 3: Gerina Mendoza helps Rob with his distance control, and Christina Kim gives Rob the lowdown on how to hit a fairway wood

In episode 3, Gerina Mendoza joins Rob to improve his distance control. Gerina observes Rob’s swing and helps him understand the importance of tempo and rhythm in achieving accurate distances. She emphasizes a smooth and balanced swing and provides feedback on relaxation and clubface alignment. With Gerina’s guidance, Rob gradually improves his distance control, gaining confidence in his ability to gauge how far he needs to hit the ball.

Later in the episode, Christina Kim shares her expertise on hitting fairway woods. She explains the need for a shallow angle of attack and demonstrates the proper setup and swing technique. Christina advises Rob to position the ball slightly forward and maintain a steady tempo. She showcases optimal swing paths and impact positions, offering advice on adjusting to different lies and course conditions.

By the end of the episode, Rob feels more confident in both distance control and hitting fairway woods, grateful for the valuable tips from Gerina Mendoza and Christina Kim.

Episode 4: LPGA Rookie Elinor Sudow takes Rob through her swing philosophy and the benefits of using a blended iron set

In Episode 4 of “PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle,” LPGA rookie Elinor Sudow shares her swing philosophy with Rob and discusses the advantages of using a blended iron set. She explains how she focuses on maintaining a smooth and rhythmic swing tempo, which helps her generate consistent and powerful shots.

Elinor also emphasizes the importance of having the right equipment, specifically a blended iron set. She explains that a blended iron set consists of different types of irons with varying loft angles, allowing players to have more control over their shots at different distances. This versatility enables golfers to achieve better accuracy and distance control.

Throughout the episode, Elinor provides tips and drills to help viewers improve their swing tempo and make the most out of their blended iron set. She emphasizes the need for practice and repetition to develop a solid swing technique.

Episode 5: Gina Kim explains the benefits of getting fitted for your driver and shows Rob how to control tempo with the big stick

In Episode 5 of “PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle,” golf instructor Gina Kim highlights the significance of getting fitted for a driver to enhance performance. She takes Rob to a local golf shop where they consult with a club fitting specialist who analyzes Rob’s swing mechanics, clubhead speed, and tendencies on the course. They determine that Rob would benefit from a higher lofted driver with a more flexible shaft.

Gina explains that a properly fitted driver maximizes distance and accuracy off the tee by considering factors like clubhead speed and launch angle. With the right specifications, Rob can achieve a consistent and desirable ball flight.

Moving on, Gina focuses on tempo and its impact on the swing and trajectory. She advises Rob to maintain a smooth and controlled rhythm throughout the swing, particularly during the backswing and transition into the downswing.

To help Rob develop a consistent tempo, Gina suggests incorporating a metronome or rhythmic counting technique. This will ensure a balanced and fluid swing, resulting in more consistent drives. Gina emphasizes the importance of practicing with the newly fitted driver and working on tempo to improve overall performance off the tee. 

Episode 6: Jennifer Song teaches Rob how to gain more spin with wedges around the green and schools him on the importance of a proper grip

In Episode 6 of “PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle,” Jennifer Song, an LPGA professional, joins Rob to teach him how to generate more spin with wedges around the green. She also emphasizes the importance of having a proper grip in golf.

Jennifer provides valuable insights and tips on how to improve wedge play and create more spin on shots. She demonstrates different techniques, such as opening the clubface slightly and making crisp contact with the ball. Additionally, she explains the significance of using the bounce of the club effectively.

Moreover, Jennifer stresses the importance of a proper grip in golf. She guides Rob on how to position his hands correctly on the club for better control and consistency in his shots. A correct grip is crucial for generating power and accuracy in golf swings.

Episode 7: Linnea Strom has Rob focusing on his rotation to gain more power and distance Christina Kim takes him back to the fundamentals with chipping

In Episode 7, Linnea Strom, a golf coach specializing in power and distance, works with Rob to improve his rotation. She focuses on helping him generate more power in his swing, which ultimately translates to increased distance. Linnea emphasizes the importance of proper rotation in the backswing and downswing, using drills and exercises to help Rob develop a more efficient and powerful swing.

Meanwhile, Christina Kim, a seasoned professional golfer, takes Rob back to the fundamentals of chipping. Recognizing that chipping can often be overlooked in practice sessions, Christina emphasizes the importance of a solid chipping technique for a well-rounded golf game. She works with Rob on his grip, stance, and swing motion, teaching him different chip shot options for various situations on the course.

Throughout the episode, both Linnea and Christina provide valuable insights and guidance to Rob, helping him refine his game and improve specific aspects of his golf skills. Their expertise and individual approaches offer different perspectives that complement each other, contributing to Rob’s overall growth as a golfer. 

Episode 8: Megan Khang shares how to hit a consistent draw and adapt your swing when hitting into the wind

In Episode 8 of “PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle,” Megan Khang, an LPGA professional, provides insights on hitting a consistent draw and adapting your swing when hitting into the wind.

Megan emphasizes the importance of understanding how to shape shots and control the ball flight. She breaks down the mechanics of hitting a draw, including grip, setup, and swing path adjustments. By making these adjustments, golfers can create a controlled curve in their shots, which can be beneficial in certain situations on the golf course.

Additionally, Megan shares tips on how to adapt your swing when facing windy conditions. She discusses the importance of adjusting your stance, ball position, and club selection to optimize your chances of success in challenging wind conditions.

Episode 9: Mina Harigae gets practical when practicing with alignment sticks, and Christina Kim loosens Rob up with some pre-round stretching techniques

In Episode 9, Mina Harigae focuses on the practical aspect of her practice routine. She uses alignment sticks to ensure proper alignment and body position during her swings. By creating a target line with two parallel alignment sticks, Mina practices her setup and aligns her body correctly before swinging.

During her swings, Mina pays attention to how her body moves and if her path is in line with the target line. The Alignment Sticks AS Visual Guide allows her to make immediate adjustments if needed. This helps build muscle memory and trains her body to consistently repeat the correct swing motion.

Christina Kim assists Rob in loosening up before a round of golf. She introduces him to pre-round stretching techniques that improve flexibility and prevent injuries. Christina guides Rob through stretches focusing on major muscle groups used in golf, emphasizing the importance of warming up the body to enhance performance and avoid strain.


With ‘PXG Pro Tips With Rob Riggle,’ female golfers can now gain access to invaluable advice and techniques from the pros themselves. Whether you’re a beginner looking to refine your swing or an experienced player aiming to elevate your skills, this program has something for everyone. Get ready to laugh, learn, and improve your game with PXG and Rob Riggle as they bring you the best tips and tricks from the world of women’s golf.