The best pxg gen3 irons to buy and its comparison with gen4

PXG Gen3 irons are the most popular golf clubs of the pxg series. PXG is one of the most versatile irons you can find on the market nowadays. The pricing is considered premium so you might think these irons are only meant for professional golfers but if you look at the customers’ reviews, you will find out that amateurs are also satisfied with its performance. In this review article, we will be talking about the product’s features and how it works well with beginners and professionals.

The best pxg gen3 irons to buy

PXG clubs are only available through select retailers which are located at golf courses around the country. The company does not sell directly to consumers so if you want to purchase any PXG clubs, you have to go through a retailer first. What makes PXG clubs different from other brands? One of the main things that sets PXG apart is the fact that they use proprietary steel called SpeedFoam that allows them to make lighter clubs while maintaining their durability and consistency.

pxg gen3 irons

PXG GEN3 0311P Iron

The PXG 0311P is a beautiful, well-balanced iron that offers a lot of forgiveness for the high handicappers. It has a classic look and feels with more weight in the head than previous models. The design of this club also includes an undercut cavity back to reduce spin and improve turf interaction. The PXG 0311P is available in three lofts: 3-iron through pitching wedge, as well as a 4-through-9 iron combo set.

It has a blade design with a high-strength face and perimeter weighting. The head is made up of 1020 carbon steel, which gives it a great feel and control. The face is about 40% thinner than previous models, which means it flexes more easily for a better feel and feedback. The clubface comes with a Tungsten soleplate that reduces spin by 20% on mis-hits and creates higher launch angles.

It also has a tungsten toe weight that improves trajectory and allows you to hit the ball lower on off-center hits. This club has a progressive offset (0.04″), which positions your hands behind the center of gravity for improved accuracy, consistency, and forgiveness on off-center hits. It comes with a standard shaft that measures 43″ long and weighs 50 grams, which makes it one of the heaviest shafts available on any iron in this price range.


The pxg 0311 is one of the best pxg irons in 2019. It offers a great combination of forgiveness, control and distance. It has been designed with the help of some of the best players in the world like Rickie Fowler and Keegan Bradley, who have worked closely with PXG to get the right specs for their game. The result is an iron that offers a great combination of performance and style. The head is made from soft carbon steel that helps deliver better feel than other clubs on the market.

This makes it easier to shape shots on off-center hits and get better control over your shots. The clubface is also wider than most irons at 2 degrees, which helps increase ball speed for more distance on shots off center hits. The heel-toe weighting system helps keep the face square through impact so you can hit the ball consistently from anywhere on the face of the clubhead without having to worry about hitting thin shots or ballooning drives off center hits. The PXG 0311 also has a stainless steel body that’s milled down to make room for PXG.


The PXG 0311 irons are the most popular models in the range, and for good reason. The 0311’s are forged from 17-4 stainless steel, which is stronger and harder than normal 1020 carbon steel (the standard material used in most irons). This allows for a thinner face that increases the sweet spot size without sacrificing any forgiveness.


The heads have a larger sweet spot than most other clubs on the market today, making them more forgiving than many other clubs. These are also great for beginners learning how to play golf and they are perfect for players who want to improve their overall game but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on clubs that they will use only occasionally. The PXG 0311 comes in three different lofts: 9-iron through pitching wedge; 8-iron through sand wedge; 7-iron through gap wedge.

The numbers refer to the amount of degrees that each club head rotates when it strikes the ball during a shot. For example, an 8-iron rotates 8 degrees when it hits the ball, while a pitching wedge rotates 48 degrees when it hits the ball. Performance: all golfers love hitting long and straight shots off the tee box and this club delivers those results consistently throughout your entire bag! 

PXG GEN 3 0311 T Blade Irons

0311 T Blade Irons are a great option for someone who is looking to buy the best irons on the market. This set of clubs have a nice classic design, but they also come with some new technology that allows them to perform better than ever before. These clubs are made from carbon steel, which means they are heavy and sturdy. They also have a very long shaft that helps you get more power out of each swing. The PXG GEN 3 0311 T Blade Irons are available in three different lofts, so you can choose which one works best for your game.

There are five-iron through pitching wedge, and each one has a slightly different weight distribution so you can find the perfect fit for your swing speed and distance requirements. The heads are designed to be forgiving so that even if you hit it off line or don’t hit it on the sweet spot, it will still fly straight down the fairway without any trouble at all. These irons also come with an optional shaft upgrade from True Temper XP Story Steel, which is a great option if you want something even stronger and more responsive than what comes standard with these clubs already.


The PXG 0311 irons are a radical design that features a hollow head. The idea is to increase clubhead speed and draw more golfers into the PXG family. The price has been a sticking point for many, but it’s worth noting that these clubs are made in a small facility in Scottsdale, Ariz.

That means they’re expensive to produce, which helps explain why they cost more than other clubs on this list. The PXG 0311 irons are designed around a concept called “game-improvement” — meaning they’re made to help golfers hit the ball farther and straighter than they would with traditional irons. The company says its research shows that most recreational golfers hit their irons too far left or right of where they aim because of poor mechanics and muscle memory.


It features a high-strength 455 Carpenter steel face that delivers the most energy on impact, resulting in longer shots for experienced players. The cavity-back design provides a higher launch angle for more distance and forgiveness. The GEN3’s multi-material construction features a 1025 carbon steel body with tungsten weighting in the toe to maximize ball speed and forgiveness across all lofts. A forged 17-4 stainless steel face is milled with laser technology for precise clubface thickness and grooves for consistent spin.

The new 360-degree undercut cavity creates an optimized CG position for improved feel and forgiveness on off-center hits. Specification pxg gen3 irons The PXG 0311 GEN3 irons feature a 455 Carpenter Steel face, which delivers increased energy on impact to help produce longer shots with more distance and forgiveness. The 1025 carbon steel body provides a higher launch angle for more distance off the tee and the multi-material construction allows you to customize your set so that you can experiment with different lofts and shafts until you find your perfect fit.


The PXG 0311 Gen 3 irons are the most forgiving and workable irons on the market. They feature a progressive set design, which means that they are more forgiving on mis-hits than their predecessors. The 0111’s, 0211’s and 0311’s have all been designed with the same face technology as their predecessors, so they all look very similar.

The main difference between the three sets of irons is in the height of their CG location, which means that they each suit a different type of golfer. The PXG 0311 Gen 3 irons have a low CG location in comparison to other PXG models, which means that they’re great for players who want to launch their ball high into the air.

PXG Gen 3 0311 XF Irons

The PXG 0311 XF Irons are the latest in a long line of game-changing irons from PXG, and they’re designed to help you hit it farther than ever before. An ultra-thin clubface and thick top line give these irons a unique look that should help you launch the ball higher and farther than ever before. The PXG 0311 XF Irons have a very high moment of inertia (MOI), which is a measure of how well your club head stays still at impact with the ball.

A high MOI means that your clubhead doesn’t move around as much when you hit a shot, so you’ll have more control over where your club goes after impact. The higher the MOI number, the more stable your clubs will be at impact. The 0311 XF Irons have an 8-4-4 Loft-Lie combination, which means that they have 8 degrees of loft at address (which makes them easier to hit) but 4 degrees of loft through impact (which makes them easier to launch). That’s an ideal combination for players who want to hit their shots high and far but want a bit more forgiveness than what you get with traditional blades or muscle backs.


These shafts have been re-engineered using a new 3D forging process that reduces weight while increasing strength by 10 percent over previous models without sacrificing feel or ball speed off the face. All of these features combine for an extremely high-performing product that offers tons of forgiveness.

Price The PXG 0311 X GEN3 Iron is the most expensive model in the line, with a retail price of $1,500. It’s also one of the hardest to find, so if you’re looking for a set of these irons, it might be best to check out the other models that are more readily available and less expensive. The other two models — the 0311 X GEN3 Iron and 0311 X GEN3 Iron — both have a retail price of $1,000.


This club is perfect for those players who are looking for something more than just distance but also want a good amount of control over their shots as well. The PXG 0311 X Gen 3 Iron comes with a deep undercut cavity design which gives you a lot of forgiveness as well as helps you hit the ball higher into the air. This club also comes with an extreme high-density tungsten weighting system which allows you to hit shots further than ever before. The sole of this club is made from forged carbon steel which contributes towards giving it increased durability and also makes it very lightweight.

The Gen 3 also sports more rounded edges and more aggressive sole design that are meant to improve performance on miss hits. In addition to the visual changes, there are also some material changes that may impact performance.


The most obvious change is that the clubface is now black, and the PXG logo has been replaced with a simple “PG”. However, there have also been some significant changes to the sole of the clubhead, which is designed to improve turf interaction. While they look similar in address, it’s clear that these clubs are quite different from their predecessors.

The key innovation on these irons is their new Speed Pocket, which was designed to increase ball speed and help you hit longer more consistent shots. The PXG Gen3 irons also feature a new Traction-Sole Technology that’s supposed to provide better traction on slippery greens, but it’s hard to say whether that technology is actually helping in this department.


They have produced some of the best equipment in the game, and their PXG irons are some of the best on the market. PXG has an incredible history of producing incredibly high-quality and innovative equipment. The PXG 0311 Fairway Wood is the latest and greatest addition to their lineup. This club is designed to provide more distance, accuracy, and consistency than any other fairway wood on the market today.

It features a steel face which allows for a less flexible face that produces more ball speed on impact which leads to more distance off the tee box or from off of the fairway. The face also offers an adjustable sole plate that allows you to move your ball’s striking point up or down depending on where you want it positioned for each shot so that you can hit every fairway in regulation with ease. 

The 4-iron and 5-iron have been moved up to give better access to spin and workability, while the 6-iron through 1-iron have been moved down to provide more forgiveness without sacrificing distance or trajectory control. These changes make these irons more versatile than ever before, letting you hit shots that were previously too difficult for your skill level.


They feature an improved face design, enhanced technology, and an updated head shape. The Gen3 irons also come with a new Speed Pocket construction that uses a single piece of metal to attach the sole to the face. This increases ball speed and forgiveness on off-center hits.

The new Speed Pocket design is available in both the 915 and 715 models. It’s also available for the first time on PXG’s mid-irons (5-AW). The 715 iron heads feature a more compact shape than their predecessors and have a stronger but lighter body structure. The 915 irons retain their classic look while also gaining some forgiveness through a low CG location and improved center of gravity location by moving it closer to the toe of the club head.

Both models offer a similar amount of adjustability through two hosel position options (high or low) that move the loft up or down one degree at any given point in the set (except for 3-iron which only has two options). Both models are available in right handed clubs.

That means you can save money on your next set and still enjoy some of the same benefits as newer models by going with PXG’s latest offering now. H

which to choose?

If you’re looking for a game improvement iron that can help you win more tournaments and shoot lower scores then this is the club for you. The PXG 0311 irons feature their popular SpeedPocket technology which is designed to add speed, eliminate spin, and increase launch angle without sacrificing forgiveness or feel.

The SpeedPocket is also designed to optimize sound at impact by using a “tuned” reactive material that produces a louder ping sound on solid contact. The result is an improved feel at impact so you can feel confident knowing when your shots are going in the right direction while still maintaining the forgiveness needed to hit it far enough off the tee box or fairway to get out of trouble when your swing isn’t quite perfect.

The End

If you own a set of PXG Gen3 irons, you may want to consider upgrading to the new Gen4 model. It’s not because the new design is so much better than the old one — it’s actually very similar — but because, if you’re like most people, you’ll need a new set of irons in a few years anyway.