PXG 0317 T Irons Review: Spec, Feature, Performance

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the PXG 0317 T Irons. If you’re in search of a top-tier iron set that excels in specifications, features, and performance, then you’ve come to the right place. Our analysis delves deep into the remarkable aspects of these irons, providing valuable insights that will help you make an informed decision. So, let’s dive straight into the world of PXG 0317 T Irons and discover what sets them apart.

The Overview of PXG 0317 T Irons

PXG 0317 T Irons

The PXG 0317 T iron is a significant addition to PXG’s “sharpshooter” lineup, catering specifically to the demands of elite players. Since its establishment in 2015, PXG has been vocal about the exceptional performance of hollow body iron technology, earning it a reputation for crafting some of the finest irons in the industry. This innovation has also prompted other renowned brands such as TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, and Callaway to adopt similar hollow body designs in their iron offerings.

Reflecting the US Marine Corps occupational code for a “Scout Sniper”, the 0317 family includes the 0317 ST, 0317 CB, and the all-new 0317 T. This comprehensive range provides accomplished golfers with unparalleled flexibility in selecting different iron head constructions, enabling them to curate their ideal combination set that aligns perfectly with their preferences and playing style.

PXG 0317 T Irons Review


The PXG 0317 T Irons Specs sheet:
 PXG 0317 T Irons Specs


1. Customized Polymer Fillings

PXG chose a new SCOR (Stabilizing Core) material as the filler for the inner hollow section of the 0317 T irons. This material is specifically designed to control how much the face deflects at impact to manage ball speed and launch conditions. Unlike the XCOR2 polymer used in other PXG irons, the SCOR material focuses on delivering lower launch angles and higher spin ball flight to meet the consistency required by high-skill level golfers.

2. Triple Cast and Forged

The iron body of the 0317 T irons is forged from 8620 carbon steel and undergoes three die-casting cycles during the manufacturing process. Although its iron geometry is simpler than that of other PXG irons, this forging process ensures consistency in the face and club angles while providing cosmetic durability.

3. HT1770 Martensitic Stainless Steel Face

The 0317 T irons feature a spherical face made of HT1770 martensitic stainless steel. This ultra-thin face incorporates a new polymer filler that limits face deflection, resulting in lower launch angles and extra spin. Nonetheless, the ball’s maximum flight is comparable to that of a 0311 GEN6 iron with the same club angle.

4. Precision Manufactured

PXG prides itself on building clubs that meet or exceed industry standards. The 0317 T irons have CNC machine die-cast backs and are machine polished to ensure that the weight tolerance meets +/- 1g compared to the industry standard of 3g. The face grooves are also CNC milled to maximize ball-striking consistency within the limits set by the USGA.

5. Tungsten Center of Gravity in Rounded Head Area

The 0317 T irons are equipped with a 14g tungsten center of gravity in the round head area inside the club to ensure a completely even distribution of gravity. This improves feel, acoustics and shot consistency and reduces ball dispersion on center hits.



The PXG 0317 T irons maintain a consistent aesthetic with the 0317 ST and 0317 CB models. However, they exhibit a slightly thicker construction, particularly at the top of the blade, resembling the ST version more closely. The back of the irons showcases PXG’s Precision Weighting Technology and the characteristic milled surfaces for which PXG is renowned. These irons are available in two finishes: chrome or Xtreme Darkness.

When set up for a shot, the PXG 0317 T irons appear slightly larger than the 0317 CB, yet they still retain a compact design. The thin and gently rounded top line creates an illusion of a smaller iron. Notably, the offset specifications of the T irons match those of the CB and ST models in the 6-8 irons, with slightly more offset in the long irons, but actually less offset in the scoring irons.

Sound & Feel

The PXG 0317 T irons deviate from the signature bouncy feel present in PXG’s hollow body irons since the first generation. This change is attributed to the implementation of a new polymer inside the head, specifically the S COR material, which emphasizes stability and alters the feel of the irons. Upon impact, the hollow nature of these irons becomes indiscernible, as they deliver a solid and connected feel reminiscent of traditional forged irons. The irons provide excellent feedback through the hands, although it does not demand immediate attention.

When striking a high-quality ball with the PXG 0317 T irons, a quiet “thud” sound accompanies the feel, enhancing the overall experience. While there are subtle differences in sound between pure strikes and mishits, they do not stand out prominently.



The PXG 0317 T irons utilize hollow body iron technology to enhance forgiveness and consistency. Unlike the previous P and XP irons, the focus of the 0317 T is solely on improving these aspects rather than maximizing distance. The use of S COR material stabilizes the face and promotes consistent performance. During testing, the 0317 T irons demonstrated reliable distances without excessive length, while also reducing the occurrence of shots that fly beyond expectations.

The MOI (Moment of Inertia) of the PXG 0317 T irons is significantly higher compared to the 0317 ST and 0317 CB models, with a 14% increase over the 0317 ST and an 11% increase over the 0317 CB. This is achieved through the hollow body design, which redistributes weight to the club’s perimeter, and a 15-gram internal tungsten weight further enhances the MOI. Additionally, the 0317 T irons exhibit high spin rates, approximately 5% higher than the average for mid-irons. This feature aids in maintaining more traditional distances, as well as providing control and the ability to hold firm greens.

Another notable attribute of the PXG 0317 T irons is the Precision Weighting Technology, which allows for precise customization of the swing weight without altering the center of gravity. This technology eliminates the need to redistribute weight in the hosel, preserving the club’s sweet spot position and ensuring optimal feel. It is worth noting that the loft structure of the 0317 T irons differs from the 0317 CB and 0317 ST models, with the 0317 T exhibiting loft strengths that are one to two degrees stronger throughout most of the set.


The PXG 0317 T Irons are competitively priced at $169, making them an attractive option for golfers seeking high-quality irons without breaking the bank. If you want to learn more about the latest price, you can check it out here.

Customer review

Below are some customer reviews about PXG 0317 T Irons:

  • “Unparalleled feel and feedback”: The customer review emphasizes the exceptional feel and feedback provided by the PXG 0317 T Irons. The golfer describes the sensation as unparalleled, allowing them to have a better sense of the clubhead and the impact of the ball. This enhanced feel enables them to make necessary adjustments and improvements to their swing.
  • “Consistent and effortless ball flight”: Another customer raves about the consistent and effortless ball flight achieved with the PXG 0317 T Irons. They mention that the irons provide a perfect blend of launch and spin, resulting in a beautiful trajectory that maximizes the distance and accuracy of their shots.
  • “Unmatched forgiveness and playability”: This review highlights the unmatched forgiveness and playability offered by the PXG 0317 T Irons. The customer praises the irons for their ability to minimize the negative effects of mishits, allowing them to maintain distance and accuracy even on off-center strikes.

Should You Buy the PXG 0317 T Irons?

The decision of whether to purchase the PXG 0317 T Irons ultimately depends on your personal preferences and golfing needs. Consider factors such as your skill level, playing style, and budget before making a purchasing decision.

These irons are a suitable choice for golfers who value forgiveness, consistency, and control in their shots. The hollow body design and high spin rates contribute to improved performance and shot-shaping capabilities. Furthermore, the precision weighting technology allows for customized swing weights, enhancing the overall feel of the clubs. Ultimately, trying them out or seeking advice from professionals can help you determine if they are the right fit for you.


The PXG 0317 T Irons stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. With their impressive specs, innovative features, and outstanding performance, these irons elevate your game to new heights. The meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit of perfection by PXG shine through the remarkable results on the golf course.