New Pxg 0317 T Irons Vs Taylormade P770 Irons: What Are The Differences?

Golfers are always on the lookout for new and improved equipment to enhance their game. When it comes to irons, two popular options in the market are the New Pxg 0317 T Irons vs the Taylormade P770 Irons. Both of these sets of irons offer unique features that can have an impact on a golfer’s performance. Understanding the differences between them is essential for golfers to choose the right set of irons.

PXG 0317 T Irons

The PXG 0317 T iron is a noteworthy addition to the PXG lineup, designed specifically for elite players. Since its establishment in 2015, PXG has gained recognition for its hollow-body iron technology, known for delivering exceptional performance. This innovation has also influenced other renowned brands like TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, and Callaway, who have adopted similar designs in their iron offerings.

Named after the US Marine Corps occupational code for a “Scout Sniper”, the 0317 family consists of the 0317 ST, 0317 CB, and the newly introduced 0317 T. This comprehensive range offers skilled golfers unmatched flexibility to choose different iron head constructions.

Taylormade P770 Irons

The 2023 TaylorMade P770 irons strike a perfect balance between old and new design elements. While incorporating advanced technology, TaylorMade has managed to preserve a classic silhouette. When compared to the current P790s, these irons feature similar characteristics such as a distinctive triangle of shiny chrome in the toe, minimalist branding, a Speed Pocket in the 4I-7I sole, and a weight strategically placed in the toe.

However, where the two models noticeably differ is at address. The P770 irons exhibit a shorter heel-to-toe length, a thinner topline, and less offset compared to the P790. Positioned towards the larger end of the players’ iron spectrum, the P770 offers a moderately increased size when placed side-by-side with the P7MB, but the disparity is not overly dramatic.

PXG 0317 T Irons Vs Taylormade P770 Irons: Comparison Detail


The PXG 0317 T Irons Specs sheet:

The PXG 0317 T Irons Specs

The Taylormade P770 Irons Specs sheet:

The Taylormade P770 Irons Specs


Main Features of PXG 0317 T Irons

  • Customized Polymer Fillings optimize ball speed and launch conditions, delivering consistent lower launch angles and higher spin ball flight.
  • Triple Cast and Forged construction ensure consistency in face and club angles while providing cosmetic durability.
  • HT1770 Martensitic Stainless Steel Face limits face deflection, resulting in lower launch angles and additional spin for precise shots.
  • Precision is Manufactured with CNC machine die-cast backs and machine polished for weight tolerance within +/- 1g.
  • The Tungsten Center of Gravity in the Rounded Head Area offers even distribution of gravity, improving feel, acoustics, and shot consistency, and reducing ball dispersion

Main Features of Taylormade P770 Irons

  • The clubhead of the P770 Irons is expertly crafted from 8620 carbon steel, providing exceptional strength and durability.
  • Incorporating speed foam technology, these irons offer an enhanced feel, improved sound, and increased ball speed for optimal distance.
  • The progressive inverted cone technology in the P770 Irons ensures consistent performance and maximizes accuracy and distance.
  • The use of carbon steel in the construction allows for better control and feel at impact.
  • With its combination of advanced technologies, the P770 Irons delivers a superior golfing experience, empowering players to achieve their best results.


Pxg 0317 T Irons Vs Taylormade P770 Irons: looks

The PXG 0317 T irons feature a design that is consistent with other models in the 0317 series. The slightly thicker construction, especially at the top of the blade, resembles the ST version. The back of the irons showcases PXG’s Precision Weighting Technology and milled surfaces, which are distinctive to PXG clubs. These irons come in chrome or Xtreme Darkness finishes. The overall appearance is compact yet slightly larger than the 0317 CB, with a thin and softly rounded top line giving the illusion of a smaller iron. The offset specifications match those of the CB and ST models in the 6-8 irons, with slightly more offset in the long irons and less offset in the scoring irons.

On the other hand, the TaylorMade P770 irons offer a visually appealing blend of traditional and modern design. They maintain a classic silhouette while incorporating modern technology. At address, the P770 irons have a shorter heel-to-toe length, thinner topline, and less offset compared to the P790 model. They feature shiny chrome accents in the toe, restrained branding, a Speed Pocket in the 4I-7I sole, and a weight in the toe. In terms of size, the P770 sits towards the larger end of players’ irons but is not drastically different from the P7MB model. It strikes a balance between modern features and a traditional aesthetic.

Sound & Feel

The PXG 0317 T irons have undergone a significant change in feel compared to previous models. This is due to the incorporation of the S COR material, a new polymer that enhances stability in the clubhead. As a result, these irons provide a solid and connected feel similar to traditional forged irons, deviating from the bouncy feel typically associated with PXG’s hollow body design. The irons offer excellent feedback through the hands, allowing players to gauge the quality of their strikes. Additionally, the quiet “thud” sound produced upon impact further adds to the overall experience, although the differences in sound between pure strikes and mishits are not overly pronounced.

However, in contrast, the Taylormade P770 irons prioritize a more old-school feel. The impact produces a fairly quiet and low-pitched sound, becoming slightly louder and moving towards a mid-pitch on longer shots. The feel is described as medium-soft with a strong and connected sensation, providing a solid smash rather than a trampoline-like effect. Despite having a “blended” set with variations in technology, the feel remains consistent across different irons. The primary mode of feedback for strike quality is through the hands, as the impact sound is not particularly prominent. Overall, the P770 irons offer a reliable and consistent feel throughout the set.


Pxg 0317 T Irons Vs Taylormade P770 Irons: Performance

The PXG 0317 T irons prioritize forgiveness and consistency, utilizing the hollow body design and S COR material to stabilize the face and promote reliable performance. The high MOI and precision weighting technology further enhance the club’s forgiveness, while the high spin rates aid in maintaining traditional distances and controlling shots. It is also worth noting that the loft structure of the 0317 T differs from other models, with stronger lofts throughout most of the set.

In comparison, the TaylorMade P770 irons prioritize ball speed and consistency, featuring a thin face and SpeedFoam Air support for exceptional peak ball speed and smash factor. The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket and mass relocation provide consistent distance across the face, resulting in predictable shots even on mishits. The weaker lofts differentiate the P770 from the P790, promoting higher launch, more spin, and consistent distance gaps throughout the set. The FLTD CG also contributes to a steady progression of spin and launch throughout the set, making the P770 a reliable option for golfers seeking distance and consistency.


In terms of cost, the PXG 0317 T irons provide a more economical choice at $169. Because of their affordable price, these irons enable golfers the chance to enjoy the forgiveness and performance of PXG clubs without having to make a large financial commitment.

Conversely, the PXG 0317 T irons are less expensive than the Taylormade P770 irons, which retail for $1299. The P770 irons’ high pricing can be explained by their cutting-edge technologies, which include the FLTD CG and Thru-Slot Speed Pocket. These features enhance ball speed and performance stability. You can check the latest price form here.


Choosing between the New Pxg 0317 T Irons vs the Taylormade P770 Irons requires a thorough understanding of each set’s strengths and limitations. While the New Pxg 0317 T Irons provide customization options and advanced technology, the Taylormade P770 Irons offer precision and forgiveness. Ultimately, the choice between these two sets of irons will depend on personal preference and playing style.